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Cat Fines: A New Issue For Hull Insurers?
In recent years, environmental regulatory requirements have dictated that marine fuels should be low in sulphur, a major pollutant, largely responsible for "acid rain".
13 Jan 2010
The Subprime Fallout-Local Difficulty Or Global Crisis? The Implications For English Litigators
A credit crunch is the term economists use to describe a financial environment where investment capital is in short supply. It is a recessionary period in a debt-based monetary system where growth in debt money has slowed which subsequently leads to a drying-up of liquidity in an economy.
11 Dec 2007
London: The New Souk For Sukuk
Islamic finance is now the Buzz Topic in the City of London. While the Middle East’s economies thrive and prosper, the enormous funds generated are seeking the best opportunities for investment the markets can offer. The Chancellor, Gordon Brown - perhaps the next Prime Minister- has been key to the debate; last month, he announced in his budget that Sukuk were to be given equivalent tax treatment to traditional interest-bearing bonds.
17 Apr 2007
Family Takaful
Although family takaful is the Islamic equivalent of life insurance, fundamental differences separate the two systems. A better understanding of the principles behind takaful, the laying down of clearer rules for the formulation of policies and a defined role for agents and brokers are essential if market penetration is to increase.
6 Feb 2007
Introduction To The Principles Of Islamic Finance
In the last few years, Britain has become a hub for new Islamic financial products and services. With the market set for certain expansion, it is imperative that the City broadens its understanding of what Islamic Finance entails.
22 Nov 2006
Insurance “Contract Certainty” Revisited
The events of ‘9/11’ shattered conventional thinking about insurance in a number of ways. A tricky debate has centred on the question of what cover had been provided for the Twin Towers at the time of the attack. By September 11th no final wordings had been agreed, there were only temporary contracts from the insurers pledging to provide insurance.
16 Nov 2006
Investigation Agents And The Law*
The advice most often given to to prospective litigators usually appears in the form of three questions. First, do you have a case? Then, is the claim time barred? And, finally, is the Defendant "good for the money"? It is when lawyers come to address the third element that they frequently resort to investigation agents.
7 Sep 2006
Shariah-Compliant Insurance Products: ‘Takaful’
"Takaful" is an Arabic word meaning "guaranteeing each other" or "joint guarantee". The fundamentals underlying the concept of Takaful are very similar to cooperative and mutual principles, as the cooperative and mutual model is one that is accepted under Islamic Law.
22 Mar 2006
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