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Germany Introduces New Trade Secrets Act Which Imposes Extensive Preventive Measures On Companies
After several months of delay and heated political discussion among all German parties about the scope of protection regarding journalists
29 Apr 2019
European Parliament Approves New Copyright Rules For The Internet, Including So-Called ‘Link Tax' And ‘Upload Filters'
On 26 March 2019, following a lengthy process, the European Parliament has given final approval to the Copyright Directive, aimed at the modernization of the EU copyright regime.
European Union
8 Apr 2019
German Federal Court Of Justice Confirms Copyright In Photographs Of Public Domain Paintings
On 20 December 2018, the German Federal Court of Justice confirmed that photographs of public domain paintings ‎are, in principle, protected by a copyright-related right in section 72 of the German Copyright Act (Case No. I ZR 104/17).
2 Apr 2019
Das Markenmodernisierungsgesetz – Zu den wichtigsten Änderungen
Das Markenrechtsmodernisierungsgesetz setzt die Richtlinie (EU) 2015/2436 (Markenrichtlinie) in das deutsche Recht um und ist gerade am 14. Januar 2019 in Bezug auf die meisten Änderungen und Neuerungen in Kraft getreten.
24 Jan 2019
Court Of Justice Of The EU: No Copyright Protection For The Taste Of Food – For Now
It is likely that the CJEU's ruling can be extended further to scents and other sensory input.
European Union
5 Dec 2018
Court Of Justice Of The EU: Louboutin's Red Sole Trademark Is Valid
On 12 June 2018, the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) ruled that Christian Louboutin's red sole trademark was valid (Case C-163/16).
European Union
22 Jun 2018
The Right To Privacy Of A Former Federal President
Christian Wulff, a former German Federal President who resigned in February 2012, caught the attention of the public in May 2015 with his announcement that he was back together with his ex-wife Bettina Wulff.
12 Mar 2018
The General Court Of The European Union Rules On The Immorality Of The Movie Title „Fack ju Göhte"
Back in 2015 Constantin Film AG, the production company of the German movie „Fack ju Göhte", filed an European Union trademark application for its movie title „Fack ju Göhte" with the European Union Intellectual Property Office.
European Union
20 Feb 2018
We Wish You A Happy Christmas! Enjoy Your Time At The Christkindlesmarkt!
The owner of the mark disagreed and filed a complaint against this cancellation decision with the German Federal Patent Court.
22 Dec 2017
Court Of Justice Of The EU Ruled On The Use Of Trade Marks As Indication Of Quality
Trade marks will not only be associated with the company they origin from, but might also be associated with certain quality or ethical standards.
European Union
11 Sep 2017
German Federal Court of Justice Shows the Red Card to Cheat Software for Online Role-Playing Games
On 12 January 2017, the German Federal Court of Justice has handed down it´s second landmark decision on cheat software within three months.
13 Apr 2017
German Parliament Approves Ratification of the UPC Agreement
The future of the European Unified Patent Court (UPC) appears to look a bit clearer following recent ratification activities. On 16 January 2017, the Preparatory Committee for the UPC announced on its website that it is working under the assumption that the UPC can become operational in December 2017.
22 Mar 2017
The Copyrightability of Yoga Poses, Dance Moves and Exercise Routines
The question of whether a sequence of exercises, such as yoga poses or dance moves, can be copyrighted has occupied the attention of international courts, scholars and copyright offices for some time.
4 Mar 2017
Your IP Valentine: Can Recipes Be Protected by Copyright?
According to the code of ethics of the International Association of Culinary Professionals, a culinary professional must not knowingly "appropriate […] any recipe or other intellectual property belonging to another without the proper recognition."
14 Feb 2017
A Very Intellectual Property Christmas
Many Christmas songs such as "Jingle Bells" or "Silent Night" are not (or no longer) protected by copyright law and form part of the public domain...
3 Jan 2017
Court Of Justice Of The EU: The Shape Of The Rubik's Cube Cannot Be Trademarked
The Rubik's Cube was invented in 1974 by Hungarian architect Ernő Rubik.
European Union
24 Nov 2016
Avoid The Halloween "Trick" Of An Intellectual Property Lawsuit
When cobwebs and tombstones start to show up in your neighborhood, probably something wicked is coming your way—except that one night of the year, on Halloween.
26 Oct 2016
Court Of Justice Of The EU: Retailers Offering Free Wi-Fi Not Liable For Patrons' Copyright Infringements
On 15 September 2016, the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) ruled that the operator of a shop, hotel or bar that offers free Wi-Fi to the public is not liable for copyright infringements...
18 Oct 2016
Former Mayor Of Berlin Suffers Painful Defeat Over The Publication Of Alleged Partying Pictures In German Magazine
The former governing mayor of Berlin, Klaus Wowereit, a member of the German Social Democratic Party, SPD, has suffered a legal defeat in his year-plus battle with the German publishing house Axel Springer.
5 Oct 2016
US Court Of Appeals For The Federal Circuit: Outsource Manufacturing Is No Ground For Invalidity Under The On-Sale Bar
On 11 July 2016, the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit issued an unanimous en banc ruling in the The Medicines Company v. Hospira Inc. case that the mere sale of manufacturing services by a contract manufacturer to an inventor to create embodiments of a patented product for the inventor is no ground for invalidity under the on-sale bar.
21 Jul 2016
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