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Sweeping Anti-harassment Legislation Impacts New York State Employers
On August 12, 2019, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed into law Senate Bill 506577 / Assembly Bill A8421, significantly expanding protections to individuals working in New York State.
United States
10 Sep 2019
Evolving Cybersecurity Safeguards For Tax Professionals
The Internal Revenue Service recently reminded tax professionals to be on the lookout for phishing emails designed to steal sensitive data, such as user names
United States
9 Sep 2019
A Federal Judge Has Rejected A New York Law Prohibiting Mandatory Pre-Dispute Arbitration Of Sexual Harassment Claims
In a decision from the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York, U.S. District Judge Denise Cote has held
United States
5 Sep 2019
Lessor Repossession Of Property On Eve Of Lessee Bankruptcy: Voluntary Turnover Or Face Contempt
Lessors who repossess property immediately prior to a lessee bankruptcy filing may be required to return such property or face sanctions by the bankruptcy court.
United States
20 Aug 2019
Trustee Litigation Trend: Tuition Clawback
"An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest." Benjamin Franklin, The Way to Wealth: Ben Franklin on Money and Success (1758).
United States
15 Aug 2019
Bankruptcy Court Determines That The Right Of A Surety To Recover Retainage In A Construction Contract Due To Equitable Subrogation Is Superior To A Creditor's Security Interest Even If Perfected
The decision presents an important take away for secured lenders-- if a construction project is incomplete, securing their loan solely with a security interest in a contractor's accounts receivables is a risky decision.
United States
30 Jul 2019
Cross-Border Arbitration: A Beneficial Alternative To Resolving International Commercial Disputes
Like domestic arbitration, international arbitration is a private form of binding dispute resolution before a neutral decision maker or tribunal predicated on party agreement
United States
17 Jul 2019
Mediating Valuation Disputes
The bankruptcy courts have been continuously at the forefront of the many courts embracing mediation as a tool to resolve disputes.
United States
16 Jul 2019
Clarifying An Otherwise Final Award: An Exception To The Functus Officio Doctrine
Functus Officio is a Latin term meaning that once the purpose of the task at hand is completed, there is no further force or authority to undertake any further measures. When applied to arbitrations
United States
24 Jun 2019
IRS Institutes New Data Analytics Protocol For LB&I
It is no surprise, in light of tightened budgets and concerns about low staffing, that the Internal Revenue Service recently announced a development
United States
21 Jun 2019
Trademark Protection In The Digital Age: Protecting Trademarks From Cybersquatting
With the growing use and popularity of the internet, more and more people and businesses have made the leap into cyberspace to sell, advertise, or promote their company, name, products, or services.
United States
17 Jun 2019
USPTO's Guidance On Cannabis Related Trademarks Expands Trademark Rights For Certain Hemp Related Goods & Services
In the United States trademark rights are derived from the use of the trademark in commerce.
United States
31 May 2019
Diversion Of Construction Trust Funds-Court Imposes Summary Judgment Against GC Based On Inadequate Recordkeeping Alone
Construction project trust funds, pursuant to Article 3-A of New York's Lien Law, are all monies received by a general contractor or subcontractor on a project.
United States
31 May 2019
California Sets New Economic Nexus Threshold
On April 25, 2019, acting on the authority of South Dakota v. Wayfair, 585 U.S. ___ (2018), California Governor Gavin Newsom signed into law Assembly Bill (AB) No. 147.
United States
22 May 2019
Chapter 15: Court Permits Foreign Debtors To Access And Transfer Funds In A US Account
On 29 January 2019, Judge Martin Glenn, of the Southern District of New York (SDNY) Bankruptcy Court, in the case of ENNIA Caribe Holding,
United States
17 May 2019
Intellectual Property Issues And Social Media Promotions
Promotions such as sweepstakes and contests are frequently conducted by businesses on a social media platform and often require an entrant to submit and post a photo,
United States
30 Apr 2019
Applying The ‘No-Contact' Rule To Represented Witnesses
Can a landlord be held liablefor failing to take prompt action to address a racially hostile housing environment created by one tenant targeting another,
United States
23 Apr 2019
Landlords May Be Sued For Failing To Address Racial Harassment
Can a landlord be held liablefor failing to take prompt action to address a racially hostile housing environment created by one tenant targeting another,
United States
23 Apr 2019
Is Income Generation Required For A Business To Qualify As An Active Trade Or Business For Successful Section 355 Spin Off? IRS And The Treasury Department Are Reviewing.
Rev. Rul. 57-464 and Rev. Rul. 57-492 have recently been suspended pending completion of a study by the Treasury Department and Internal Revenue Service concerning the five-year,
United States
16 Apr 2019
Bid Mistakes & Bid Protests – Part I
This is the first of a two part article regarding bidding controversies. This first segment will address the issue of bid mistakes. Part II will address the broader topic of bid protests.
United States
15 Apr 2019
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