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Proposal To Implement Specialist-Enforced "Discovery" For Patent Litigation Under Consideration In Japan Patent Act Revision Deliberations
The Japanese government's Subcommittee on the Patent Act System has been working on revisions to the patent litigation system in Japan since October last year
22 Feb 2019
TPP-11 May Affect Patent Term Adjustments Slightly, Speed Up Some Trademark Injunctions In Japan
On January 17, 2019, the Japanese Patent Attorney's Association held a press conference in which presenter Seiji Matsuda pointed out the impact of the now-effective modified Trans-Pacific Partnership
18 Feb 2019
Toray Challenges Generic Pharmaceuticals Over What It Claims Are Overly Narrow Restrictions To Extended Use Patent
Japanese chemical giant Toray announced on December 19, 2018 that it is striking out at two competitors that it claims are violating its extended medical use patent for an anti-itch product...
5 Feb 2019
Japan Patent Office Expanding Range Of Technology Covered By PPH Agreement With Brazil's INPI
The Japan Patent Office (JPO) continues to open up avenues for patent examination result sharing with the Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) for markets around the globe.
23 Jan 2019
Jeju Island Farmers Face Royalty Issue With Japanese Mikan Tangerine Varieties
Plant variety registration laws do not feature frequently in intellectual property news feeds, but a recent conflict has arisen in Korean Jeju Island where farmers acquired new varieties of Japanese mikan tangerines without formal licenses.
8 Jan 2019
Qualcomm And Apple Fighting In China Over Software Patents
Amid all the intrigue about the trade war between China (PRC) and the United States, this time not Huawei in the West but Apple in China has been dealt a blow.
19 Dec 2018
Post-Disclosure Application Grace Period Extended For Japanese Patent, Model, And Design Applications
In spring 2018, Japan implemented a Revision to Unfair Competition Prevention Act that includes a change to the disclosure grace period (exception to lack of novelty of invention period) for filers of Japanese patent, ...
3 Dec 2018
Cloudflare Submitted Information On Mangamura Host To Manga Artist In Tokyo District Court
Mangamura, the large online manga comic sharing website that was closed earlier this year for piracy of copyrighted manga, is now facing deeper scrutiny.
16 Nov 2018
Q&A: Why And How To Make A Prior Art Disclosure (IDS) In A Japanese Patent Application
Keisen Associates generally files an information disclosure (similar to the Information Disclosure Statement, or IDS, in United States patent applications) of known related prior art for Japan patent
16 Nov 2018
Kawasaki City IP Matching Program Helping Small Companies Get Licenses To Patents
Kawasaki City, an industrial core for the Tokyo metropolitan area, has been promoting wider licensing and use of patents released by big corporate owners, by small and medium-sized companies in Kawasaki.
1 Nov 2018
Japan Joins Marrakesh Treaty For Copyright Exceptions, Serving People With Visual Impairments
If you are reading this, you probably are one of the many people blessed with little or no visual impairment. However, there are many people who are visually disabled or impaired.
16 Oct 2018
"Mario Kart" Copycat(?) Tourist Company Ordered to Stop IP Infringement
Japan is not an easy place to drive a car, but Mari Mobility Development Inc. has built a popular tourist-oriented business partly on its "MariCAR" go-cart tours.
8 Oct 2018
Autonomous Driving Patents Rated; American And Japanese Top Competitors
Japanese business paper Nikkei Shimbun shared the results of an analysis of relative (competitive) patent strength for autonomous driving in cars, done by Patent Result Co., Ltd (Tokyo).
26 Sep 2018
Q&A: How To Monitor A Company's IP Litigation Case(S) In Japan
News about intellectual property litigation comes at us frequently. Of these, the significant cases can dramatically alter the course of an enterprise, so firms may want to verify the facts about a reported litigation.
6 Sep 2018
Japan Aiming To Make Better Use Of Industrial Designs With Design Act Revisions
As reported recently, Japanese leaders are giving greater attention to industrial designs and their usefulness to businesses for promoting the image and attractiveness of products and services.
6 Sep 2018
JPO Prohibits Trademark "Heisei" Registration But Allows For Distinctive Combinations
Japan is like the United Kingdom a constitutional monarchy with an emperor residing in the palace at the heart of Tokyo. And to this day, the imperial era names selected for each successive emperor (empress) ...
28 Aug 2018
Bridgestone Wins (Another) Patent Infringement Case In Shanghai Against Tire Maker
Japanese tire company Bridgestone (headquartered in Tokyo) announced a victory over patent infringement by a Chinese tire maker in China's Shanghai Intellectual Property Court.
22 Aug 2018
Q&A: Reinstating Priority Right In A PCT Application Japanese National Phase
When Might the Japan Patent Office Reject a Recovered Priority Claim in a PCT Application?
21 Aug 2018
Economic Crimes Against Japanese Corporations Frequently Target Intellectual Property
Consulting and auditing firm PwC Japan released a 2018 analysis of economic crimes such as fraud and cyber attacks in Japanese corporations July 31, 2018, based on its Economic Crime...
16 Aug 2018
Kyocera Seeking To Grow Business With Wider Publication Of Technologies Available For Licensing
Its IP department has commented that until recently it had focused merely on gaining many patents to defend its products against competitors.
8 Aug 2018
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