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Compliance Check: South Korea – New Laws On Workplace Harassment
New provisions regulating workplace harassment and bullying set out in South Korea's amended Labour Standards Act (the "LSA") were recently implemented on 16 July 2019.
South Korea
5 Aug 2019
Korea's Biggest Credit Card Firm Wins Patent For Blockchain Credit System
The word "Blockchain" is one of the most trending buzzwords of this decade. Everyone is talking about it.
South Korea
29 Jul 2019
South Korea's Bi-Annual ‘Simplified Statement On Wage And Salary Income Payment' Adds To Payroll Workload
Wage subsidy is calculated based on total household income and not just the individual and paid by the NTS.
South Korea
26 Jun 2019
Doing Business In Korea: What You And Your Client Need To Know
Approximately 16,000 foreign companies are doing business in Korea in various industries including finance, technology ...
South Korea
12 Apr 2019
More South Korean Companies Required To Appoint External Auditors
Following amendments to an act ("The Act on External Audit of Stock Companies, etc") on October 31, 2017, many joint stock and limited companies operating in South Korea now have to face mandatory external audits.
South Korea
21 Feb 2019
Korean National Assembly Addresses Workplace Bullying And Harassment Through Two New Measures
On December 27, 2018 the Korean National Assembly addressed workplace bullying and harassment in partial amendments to the Labor Standards Act (the "LSA") and the Industrial Accident Compensation
South Korea
14 Jan 2019
Frodo: Not Baggin This One
We don't often discuss Korean trade mark cases, but a recent registry decision is worth a look because it shines a spotlight on a particularly interesting aspect of trade mark law: character merchandising.
South Korea
23 Aug 2018
New Changes Over Labour Standards Act
Companies should learn about these changes to adjust their human resource policies accordingly.
South Korea
31 Jul 2018
Changes To The Labor Standards Act: Korean National Assembly Passes New Bill To Curb Working Hours
On February 28, 2018, the National Assembly of Korea passed legislative amendments designed to reform the Labor Standards Act. We have summarized the notable changes below...
South Korea
25 May 2018
South Korea Steps Up Oversight Of Cryptocurrency Exchanges
In January 2018, the Korea Financial Intelligence Unit ("KoFIU") and the Financial Supervisory Service ("FSS") conducted a joint inspection of six Korean banks that provide trading accounts for cryptocurrency exchanges.
South Korea
9 Apr 2018
South Korean Cryptocurrency Exchange Hacked (Again)
As part of our Year in Preview series, we've recently covered both international cyberwar and the rise of cryptocurrency.
South Korea
4 Jan 2018
New Privacy Guidelines Now Effective in South Korea: Online Customized Ads; Smartphone App Access Rights
Two new privacy guidelines are now effective in South Korea. Earlier this year, the Korea Communications Commission (KCC) published "Privacy Guidelines for Online Customized Ads" (Korean language link) and a "Privacy Guide for Smartphone App Access Rights."
South Korea
27 Jul 2017
Guidance On Shareholder Activity In Accordance With The Stewardship Code
The Stewardship Code is a set of principles or guidelines on fiduciary responsibilities released on December 19, 2016 by Korea Corporate Governance Service.
South Korea
6 Jul 2017
Korea Signs Multilateral Convention To Implement Tax Treaty Related Measures To Prevent BEPS
On June 7, 2017, Korea signed the Multilateral Convention to Implement Tax Treaty Related Measures to Prevent Base Erosion and Profit Shifting at a signing ceremony hosted by the OECD in Paris.
South Korea
26 Jun 2017
South Korea Joins APEC's Cross Border Privacy Rules System
In order for countries to opt in to the system, their legal systems and privacy protection must meet APEC's standards.
South Korea
20 Jun 2017
Keyword Advertising Constitutes Valid Trademark Use In Non-Use Cancellation Proceeding
In June 2015, Tae-Sun Park, a Korean individual, filed a non-use cancellation action before the IPTAB against a registration for FILLTOX & Korean transliteration covering medical clinic services...
South Korea
16 Jun 2017
South Korea, Taiwan, Turkey: Design Law Updates
Significant recent changes to the local design laws in the Republic of Korea, Taiwan, and Turkey, are discussed below.
16 Jun 2017
Promised Changes To South Korean Labour Law
If he implements his campaign promises, the election last month of President Moon Jae-In will lead to some significant labour law changes in South Korea.
South Korea
12 Jun 2017
공유경제와 합리적 규제 :미국 연방거래위원회의 공유경제 보고서 분석 및 Dz
우버(Uber), 에어비앤비(AirBnB) 등의 폭발적 성장은 우리나라뿐만 아니라 전세계적 으로 ‘공유경제(Sharing Economy)'에 관한 담론을 촉발시켰다. 규제의 관점에서 볼 때, 공ǽ
South Korea
31 May 2017
South Korea's New President Moon Jae-In's Campaign Promises On Labor Issues What Changes Should You Prepare For?
Newly-elected president Moon Jae-In's administration has officially begun on May 10, 2017. President Moon, a liberal who favors labor-friendly policies (and a more open policy toward North Korea)...
South Korea
18 May 2017
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