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Why Monopoly Was The Loser In Its EU Trade Mark Appeal
In a recent decision, the Board of Appeal at the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) partially invalidated a European Union Trade Mark (EUTM) registration for MONOPOLY.
European Union
12 Sep 2019
Disqualification Risk
Directors have a special responsibility to be well informed about what is happening within the companies they oversee
29 Jul 2019
Individuals As Whistleblowers
Cartels are by their nature hard to uncover and regulators rely – to a large part – on appealing to companies' wallets. Immunity and leniency policies
24 Jul 2019
Have You Considered Cooperating With The European Commission On Non-Cartel/Vertical Agreements?
Two recent European Commission decisions – Nike and Guess are of great significance on the issue of cross-border sales restrictions in the form of geo-blocking – technology that restricts web content based on geographical location.
11 Jul 2019
Competition Law And Director Disqualification For Up To 15 Years
The first six months of 2019 have provided several interesting headlines as director disqualification starts to wield greater influence in the world of competition law.
9 Jul 2019
Focus Antitrust - 1 May 2019
CMA blocks merger between Sainsbury's and Asda
European Union
27 May 2019
Sainsbury's And Asda: The Monopoly That Never Was
In 2017 Sainsbury's Chief Executive Mike Coup's total realized compensation grew by 63% compared to financial year 2016.
27 May 2019
UK Financial Conduct Authority's First Antitrust Penalty: Sharing Pricing Intentions On IPOs Or Share Placements With Rival Asset Managers Is Illegal
The U.K. Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has issued its first antitrust decision since obtaining competition law powers four years ago. The decision is a controversial one. It sets the FCA
17 May 2019
Risks Facing Acquiring Companies: Liability To Pay Damages For EU Competition Law Infringements Committed By Acquired Businesses
On 14 March 2019, the Court of Justice (CoJ) delivered a landmark judgment confirming that acquiring companies may be liable to pay damages for the harm caused by an acquired company's
European Union
28 Mar 2019
Pricing Algorithms
Companies are increasingly using pricing algorithms to set the prices for their products automatically.
12 Nov 2018
Preventing Business Cartels
Breaking competition law can happen in different ways but some of the most serious ones are also the least understood.
8 Nov 2018
Skadden Discusses Merger Reviews And Antitrust Inquiries In Case Of "No-Deal" Brexit
As the U.K.'s March 29, 2019, exit from the EU approaches, companies involved in merger reviews or antitrust investigations should pre-emptively consider the implications of a potential "no-deal" Brexit.
7 Nov 2018
Cartels & Leniency 2019 (The Proposed Whistleblowers Directive)
On 23 April 2018, the European Commission – Directorate General of Justice and Consumers (the "Commission") proposed a Directive on the protection of persons reporting on breaches of EU law ...
European Union
31 Oct 2018
Planning For Merger Reviews And Antitrust Inquiries In Case Of A 'No-Deal' Brexit
As the U.K.'s March 29, 2019, exit date from the European Union approaches, companies involved in merger reviews or antitrust investigations should pre-emptively address the risk of a "no-deal" Brexit.
18 Oct 2018
Britned Developments v. Abb : First UK Cartel Follow-On Judgment Finds No Deliberate Overcharge
On 9 October 2018, the High Court of England and Wales ordered Swiss engineering company ABB to pay BritNed Developments just over €13 million for damages suffered as a result of a cartel in the power cable sector...
16 Oct 2018
Hands-On Approach Needed To Curb Cartel Behaviour
A timely reminder that majority investors can be liable for cartel behaviour of investee companies
12 Sep 2018
The European Commission Fines Four Consumer Electronics Manufacturers For Fixing Online Resale Prices And Sketches The Contours Of A New Fining Policy
The Commission's decisions of 24 July 2018, fining Philips, Asus, Denon & Marantz and Pioneer for fixing online retail prices ...
European Union
7 Aug 2018
European Commission Takes Aim At Qatar's LNG Contracts
The European Commission's (EC) current investigation into Qatar Petroleum is likely to have a major impact on Qatar Petroleum's LNG supply agreements with EEA importers.
10 Jul 2018
Court Of Appeal Ruling Shows How Courts Might Handle Global Cartels
A ruling in iiyama (UK) Ltd and others v Samsung Electronic Co Ltd and others from the Court of Appeal in the UK is likely to greatly expand the value of damages claimants can recover in future cartel cases.
19 Apr 2018
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