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New SARB Directive: Reporting On Material Information Technology And/Or Cyber Incidents
The Prudential Authority ("PA") has issued a new Directive, the Directive 2/2019 Reporting on Material Information Technology and/or Cyber Incidents.
South Africa
25 Sep 2019
The New Memorandum Of Agreement Between Competition Commission And ICASA Explained
On 29 August 2019, at the 13th Annual Competition Law, Economics and Policy Conference a signing ceremony was held a new MoA between the Commission and the Independent
South Africa
6 Sep 2019
Ensafrica Telecoms And Media In Brief - Issue 5
Below, please find issue 5 of ENSafrica's telecoms and media in brief, a snapshot of the latest telecommunications and broadcasting developments in South Africa.
South Africa
29 Aug 2019
ENSafrica Telecoms And Media In Brief - Issue 4
Below, please find issue 4 of ENSafrica's telecoms and media in brief, a snapshot of the latest telecommunications and broadcasting developments in South Africa.
South Africa
31 Jul 2019
Telecoms And Media In Brief | Issue 3
Below, please find issue 3 of ENSafrica's telecoms and media in brief, a snapshot of the latest telecommunications and broadcasting developments in South Africa.
South Africa
23 Jul 2019
Ensafrica Telecoms And Media In Brief
on 26 April 2019, the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa ("ICASA") published the Draft Consumer Advisory Panel Amendment Regulations, 2019. I
South Africa
13 Jun 2019
Assigning High Demand Spectrum In The ICT Sector – A Possible Hybrid Method
The telecommunications sector is the backbone of the of the digital economy.
South Africa
16 Apr 2019
Can Your Email Disclaimer Get You Out Of An Unintended Contract?
If an agreement is not intended to be entered into in the course of such negotiations, this should be explicitly stated.
South Africa
13 Dec 2018
More Than Meets The (GU)I! – IP Protection For Apps
The demand for software applications, particularly mobile apps has grown at a phenomenal rate in recent years, fuelled in part by the ever growing use of smartphones globally.
South Africa
10 Dec 2018
Africa Legal News
Most people are familiar with the famous painting by René Magritte called "The Treachery of Images" (1928). The picture shows a pipe and below it the caption "This is not a pipe."
19 Dec 2017
ICASA Intends To Regulate Data Expiry And Roll-Over
The regulations intend to govern the validity period and roll-over of data. For instance, data bundles of 1GB to 5GB must remain valid for 90 days.
South Africa
30 Aug 2017
Have You Had Enough Of ‘Cold Calls' Yet?
Have you ever wondered how you could stop that direct marketer from making cold calls to offer you life insurance cover, (which you already have), or a cellphone contract for the latest iPhone (got that too!), or ...
South Africa
11 Aug 2017
Publication Of B-BBEE Discussion Document
It also envisages the holding of public hearings as part of its public consultative process.
South Africa
26 Apr 2017
ICASA States Its Regulatory Position On Equipment Type Approval Exemption
The circumstances in which the use of equipment, electronic communications facilities and radio apparatus do not require type approval.
South Africa
25 Apr 2017
Africa Mobile Consumer Survey 2015/2016
As smartphones become ever more embedded in the lives of Africans, we see new opportunities and challenges for the mobile sector, retailers, advertisers and beyond.
South Africa
22 Feb 2017
South African Parliament To Probe OTT Services
OTT services allow mobile users to use services such as instant messaging and voice calls over data networks.
South Africa
25 Jan 2016
Technological Change And Economic Growth
Google, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Zynga, Airbnb, Uber etc etc. These are all companies that have come from nowhere and are now market leaders in an increasingly mobile and digital world.
South Africa
25 Nov 2015
Constitutional Court Provides Clarity On Rights Of Licensees To Construct Facilities On Another Person's Land Under The Electronic Communications Act
This judgment is of particular importance as it found that the ECA effectively creates a public servitude over land in favour of licensees.
South Africa
25 Nov 2015
Your Word Is Your Bond – Even Your E-Word
Why is it that people who do all their business on a keyboard linked to an electronic device are surprised to be told that when they put their name at the end of the email or other document it is a binding signature?
South Africa
11 Mar 2015
TMT In South Africa - Year In Review 2013
The South African TMT sector, while generally regarded as open and flexible, has been subjected to erratic and inconsistent policy formulation and regulatory implementation during the past decade.
South Africa
21 Nov 2013
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