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Up, Up, And...Not Away - English High Court Faults SPA Target In The Aerospace Industry For Inadequate Financial Projections
The English High Court, in Triumph Controls UK Ltd v. Primus International Holding Co [2019] EWHC 565 (TCC)
Hong Kong
23 Apr 2019
Fight To Stop Bid-Rigging In Hong Kong Recognised Internationally
The objective of the Campaign is to advocate and educate the public in the topic of bid-rigging, to eliminate the practice of submitting "dummy" bids to harm and defraud consumers, and to promote fair competition.
Hong Kong
4 Jul 2017
NEC3 In Hong Kong
The Hong Kong construction industry can expect a period of uncertainty and change, as the Government has adopted the use of the NEC3 forms of contract over more traditional forms of construction contracts.
Hong Kong
16 Dec 2015
Absolute immunity for states in Hong Kong - implications for those enforcing or contracting in Hong Kong with Government Departments
Discusses Democratic Republic of Congo's sovereign immunity from enforcement in Hong Kong.
Hong Kong
21 Jun 2011
China Releases New Anti-Monopoly Law Pricing Rules
China’s National Development and Reform Council (NDRC) has released draft rules explaining how the various price-related ‘conduct rules’ in China’s Anti-Monopoly Law (AML) will be applied in practice. The draft Rules on Anti-Price Monopoly (“Draft Price Rules”) were published on 12 August 2009 for public comment, with a consultation phase in relation to the draft scheduled to end on 6 September 2009.
Hong Kong
20 Aug 2009
Overview Of Insolvency Law In Hong Kong
This paper sets out a brief overview of corporate insolvency law in Hong Kong and compares and contrasts the insolvency laws in Hong Kong with those of other jurisdictions discussed at the Insolvency Session of the IATA Legal Symposium 2006. The principal legislation in Hong Kong relating to corporate insolvencies is the Companies Ordinance (Cap 32), which is supplemented by the Companies (Winding Up) Rules (Cap 32H). Some provisions of the Bankruptcy Ordinance (Cap 6) also apply to corporate in
Hong Kong
20 Nov 2006
First PRC Government Investment Arm Wound Up By Hong Kong Court
On 4 October 2004, the Hong Kong High Court made Winding-up Orders against Zhuhai Municipal Government's "window company" Zhu Kuan Group Company Limited ("ZK Group") and its Hong Kong subsidiary Zhu Kuan (Hong Kong) Company Limited ("ZK HK")
Hong Kong
8 Nov 2004
The Bid Challenge System Established Under The World Trade Organization´s Government Procurement Agreement
Hong Kong acceded to the World Trade Organization's Government Procurement Agreement ("GPA") on 20th May 1997. The GPA requires that the procurement of goods and services undertaken by central government bodies and government-funded entities are carried out in a fair and non-discriminatory manner.
Hong Kong
18 Jan 2001
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