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Cannabis Derived Food Products – What's The Current State Of Play?
Recently, CBD food products were qualified as Novel Foods requiring a market authorization. The lively trade in these products ...
4 Mar 2019
De mogelijkheden tot het opnemen van palliatief verlof en rouwverlof naar huidig Nederlands recht
In dit artikel wordt nader ingegaan op de huidige mogelijkheden om op grond van het Nederlands recht palliatief verlof en rouwverlof op te nemen.
European Union
27 Feb 2019
Amsterdam: The New Pharma Hub In Europe
As of March 2019, Amsterdam will be the proud home of the European Medicines Agency (EMA). It's been confirmed that the EMA will relocate its headquarters from London to Amsterdam due to Brexit.
16 Nov 2018
The Dutch National Probiotic Guide: An Innovative Alternative For Health Claims On Beneficial Bacteria
Probiotics are known as "beneficial bacteria" that can be found in, amongst others, dairy products and food supplements.
30 Aug 2018
Dutch Scoop: New Advisory Group On The Status Of Borderline Products
Last week, the creation of the new Advisory Group on the Status of Borderline Products was published in the Dutch Government Gazette.
19 Jul 2018
"Clarifying" Trade Mark Infringement In The Netherlands
IPPZ is a company that develops software for health care professionals.
10 Mar 2017
DDPA Investigates Dutch Healthcare Authority's Diagnosis Information System
The DHA announced that it will stop providing data from the DIS to third parties while the investigation is ongoing.
21 Apr 2016
Court Decides Takeover Battle For Privatised Hospital
The Netherlands still has relatively little experience with hospitals that are entirely in the hands of an investor.
28 Apr 2014
Health Care Concentrations: ACM Keeps Finger On Pulse?
The health care sector is likely to stay on the ACM's radar.
30 Apr 2013
Healthcare Policy Meets Patent Law: Preferential Treatment Of Generics While The Originator Has Patent Protection
The Court of Appeals of The Hague has recently ruled that healthcare insurance companies, by inviting parties to bid in a tender to become the preferred supplier of a medicinal product which is still under patent protection, do not infringe the originator's patent and do not commit an "unlawful act".
27 Sep 2012
Bill To Permit Profit Distribution By Hospitals
The intention of the bill is to make it possible for providers of medical specialist care to distribute profits, under circumstances.
22 Aug 2012
Dutch Cabinet Submits Draft Act On Sector-Specific Healthcare Merger Control
On 10 May, Edith Schippers, the Health Secretary in the Dutch Rutte I Government, which tendered its resignation at the beginning of the month, submitted a Draft Act on Continuity, Mergers and Divestments in the Healthcare Sector to the Dutch Lower House.
28 May 2012
The Healthcare Sector Under Scrutiny
The healthcare sector is one of the NMa's focus industries, which means it is subject to closer investigation.
10 Apr 2012
EU Court Rules On No-Fault Liability For Medical Services With Medical Devices
The judgment in the Centre hospitalier universitaire de Besançon v Thomas Dutrueux, Caisse primaire d'assurance maladie du Jura case that I wrote about earlier has been handed down by the EU Court on 21 December and as expected, the EU Court followed its Advocate General.
European Union
4 Jan 2012
Developments And Outlook Re Anti-Kickback And Corruption In The Dutch Devices Sector
Although no significant things happened in business compliance developments on a EU level for some time since Eucomed asked itself about guidance for sponsorship of conferences, things are very much in flux in the Netherlands.
23 Dec 2011
More On Mobile Medical Apps, And On Clinical Decision Support Systems
I have been running around a lot lately doing presentations on conferences about medical devices and software, so I though it would be useful to give you a round-up on that subject.
22 Nov 2011
Developments In EU Product Liability For Medical Devices - Or Not
Now here is an important case for the medical devices industry. Although product liability litigation has not (yet) evolved into the type of bet the company litigation it can be in the United States and cases about interpretation of the Product Liability Directive have been few, they do shape the scope of no fault liability in the EU of manufacturers of medical devices for their products.
European Union
10 Nov 2011
Something New Eucomed’s MedTech Forum (Also About The Recast)
Right after the event I wrote about in my previous post I visited the Eucomed MedTech conference in Brussels on 12-14 October 2011.
20 Oct 2011
EU Regulation Of E-Labelling Of Medical Devices To Apply As Of 1 March 2013
On 23 September 2011 the draft of the e-labelling regulation that I wrote about earlier was discussed in the comitiology committee for the Medical Devices Directive.
17 Oct 2011
Regulating Medical Software And Nothing New On The Recast
Today I attended the COCIR workshop Regulating Medical Software in Brussels, a very interesting event that brought a lot of new information to my attention and I had the opportunity to speak to many people close to developments in EU legislation, EU guidance and standards.
14 Oct 2011
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