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Construction, Infrastructure And PPP Newsletter - September Edition
Our construction, infrastructure and PPP sector newsletter covers subjects of commercial and practical relevance for our clients doing business in Africa.
South Africa
27 Dec 2017
Is It Wrong To Confuse An Arbitrator's Failure To Give Reasons With The Conduct Of Proceedings?
Construction disputes in South Africa are typically subject to dispute resolution by arbitration. This is usually regulated by the Arbitration Act (the Act).
South Africa
11 Dec 2017
Total Or Partial Demolition Of Illegal Construction: SCA Causes Confusion
Recently in Lester v Ndlambe Municipality and another, the Supreme Court of Appeal held that a court hearing an application in terms of section 21 of the Building Regulations and Building Standards Act ...
South Africa
14 Aug 2017
Zoning: Does 'Informal Housing' Constitute 'Dwelling Houses'?
This matter deals with the clash of interests between a developer of a township and the local authority who used a neighbouring (undeveloped) township for informal settlements.
South Africa
14 Aug 2017
Occupational Health And Safety Act – Guidelines For The Construction Regulations, 2014
On Friday, 2 June 2017, a notice (GNR.489) was published in Government Gazette No. 40883, which contains guidelines/explanatory notes in relation to the Construction Regulations, 2014.
South Africa
13 Jun 2017
Urban Development Zone Allowances Under The Income Tax Act
In line with international models, South Africa has attempted to incentivise investment into the development and renewal of certain urban areas.
South Africa
23 May 2017
FIDIC Contracts
In 1999, FIDIC issued the First Edition of its "Rainbow Suite" of construction contracts, which were intended to be modern and balanced standard forms of construction contract...
South Africa
28 Mar 2017
NEC Contracts
The NEC Contract Board has very recently announced that a new NEC4 contracts suite will be made available in June 2017.
South Africa
28 Mar 2017
Infrastructure Development
Notwithstanding that the construction industry remains in a slump, that tender activity continues to decline...
South Africa
28 Mar 2017
Is There Still Place For Fixed-Term Contracts In The Construction Industry?
Can a construction contractor automatically terminate its employees' contracts when skills are no longer required for a construction project?
South Africa
8 Dec 2016
Building Information Modelling
In recent years, the construction industry has shown a greater interest in the benefits of partnering, integrated and collaborative working.
South Africa
19 Oct 2016
South Africa Construction And Construction Insurance Law Snippets
Updates on some recent developments in the construction, construction insurance and mining industries in South Africa
South Africa
19 Oct 2016
The Case Of The Unconditional Guarantee That Wasn't
When the wording of a construction-related guarantee is ambiguous, the intention of the parties involved is key in determining its true nature.
South Africa
14 Jul 2016
On Track For Success - Reasons To Be Positive About The Roads Sector In Africa
International corridors are critical in allowing landlocked countries easier access to ports and trading partners. Domestic corridors are needed between major cities and to connect agricultural and mining areas.
12 Jul 2016
An Agreement With An Agent As Contemplated In Section 37(2) Of OHASA – Why It Is Necessary
With the advent of the Construction Regulations, 2014, additional duties are now placed on the "client" that did not exist under the previous regulatory regime.
South Africa
17 May 2016
Adjudication And Prompt Payment Regulations
The Minister of Public Works has proposed an amendment to the Regulations to the Construction Industry Development Board Act No. 38 of 2000.
South Africa
26 Apr 2016
On-Demand Bonds: Is Substantial Compliance Enough?
The Supreme Court of Appeal has also, on several occasions, articulated the guarantor's obligation to make payment in terms of a letter of credit or on-demand bond.
South Africa
16 Dec 2015
Building Spats Offer No Defence For Guarantors
Allegations of poor workmanship at President Jacob Zuma's Nkandla homestead have recently made headlines again following an official visit to the estate by MPs and members of the media last month.
South Africa
4 Sep 2015
Construction Industry Development Regulations
The Minister of Public Works has announced that he intends to amend the Construction Industry Development Regulations of 2004, which were passed under the Construction Industry Development Board Act of 2000.
South Africa
9 Jul 2015
Property Developers: Have You Registered As A Home Builder?
Property developers should not be lulled into a false sense of security when subcontracting with construction companies...
South Africa
23 Apr 2015
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