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Both Nissan And Its Former Chairman Carlos Ghosn Have Paid Large Amounts To Settle Civil Fraud Allegations
Syedur Rahman of business crime solicitors Rahman Ravelli outlines some of the car manufacturer's recent problems and considers whether more may follow.
10 Oct 2019
The Former Serious Fraud Office Director David Green Has Said Bigger Discounts On Fines Will Boost The Number Of Companies Self-Reporting Wrongdoing
Nicola Sharp of business crime solicitors Rahman Ravelli believes the former SFO head's thinking is in tune with the agency's current stance.
24 Sep 2019
SFO Corporate Co-operation Guidance
On 6 August 2019 the UK Serious Fraud Office ("SFO") published its Corporate Co-operation Guidance which forms part of the SFO's internal Operational Handbook.
29 Aug 2019
Business Crime Update: Much Ado About Nothing - SFO Issues Corporate Co-Operation Guidance
It has long been a problem for criminal prosecutors that corporate crime is difficult to detect. The criminal act can remain concealed and the effects
19 Aug 2019
The United States Is Considering Legislation To Prosecute Foreign Officials That Seek Bribes From American Businesses
The United States is considering legislation to prosecute foreign officials that seek bribes from American businesses. Nicola Sharp of business crime solicitors Rahman Ravelli believes the move reflects the UK's approach.
16 Aug 2019
Richard Reichman Comments On SFO Corporate Co-Operation Guide For Compliance Week
Last month, the SFO lost a case against three former executives of metals company Sarclad, which signed a DPA in 2016. Former Managing Director Michael Sorby
16 Aug 2019
Richard Reichman Writes For Euronews ‘Self-Reporting Of Corporate Wrongdoing Should Be Further Encouraged'
BCL partner, Richard Reichman writes for Euronews discussing the complex decision of whether or not to self-report corporate wrongdoing.
16 Aug 2019
Microsoft Has Paid Millions To Settle Bribery Allegations And Changed Its Working Practices
Syedur Rahman of business crime solicitors Rahman Ravelli commends Microsoft's efforts but says it still faces a challenge.
8 Aug 2019
Commercial Court Considers Contractual Discretion Of Bank To Close Customer Account Without Notice Where There Is Suspicion Of Money Laundering
In a recent decision, the Commercial Court has upheld a financial institution's decision to exercise its contractual right to close a customer's accounts and terminate its relationship without notice
5 Aug 2019
The Serious Fraud Office Has Again Failed To Secure Convictions After Concluding A Deferred Prosecution Agreement (DPA) With A Company
The Serious Fraud Office has again failed to secure convictions after concluding a DPA with a company. Syedur Rahman, of business crime solicitors Rahman Ravelli, considers the questions that surround the DPA process.
30 Jul 2019
One Of The Most Senior Figures In World Athletics Is Set To Go On Trial For Corruption And Other Offences.
Nicola Sharp, of business crime solicitors Rahman Ravelli, believes that increased efforts to tackle corruption in sport mean the case is not going to be an isolated one.
5 Jul 2019
House Of Lords' Bribery Act Report Asks The Right Questions
The House of Lords Bribery Act 2010 Committee published its "post-legislative scrutiny" report on March 14, 2019.
4 Jul 2019
A Study Has Identified Three British Territories As Favourite Locations For Those Looking To Pay As Little Tax As Possible
According to Neil Williams, of business crime solicitors Rahman Ravelli, the study is sure to fuel the growing dissatisfaction with corporations that go to any lengths to pay minimal tax.
10 Jun 2019
UK And US Powers To Compel Disclosure Of Documents From Overseas Remain Far From Certain
In the United Kingdom, section 2 of the Criminal Justice Act 1987 gives the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) powers to serve a notice on companies or individuals compelling them to produce documents relevant to an SFO investigation.
17 May 2019
Cooperation Since Rolls-Royce: Learning Points For Companies And Individuals
Dechert lawyers have authored the United Kingdom chapter in the 2018 Global Investigations Review European, Middle Eastern and African Investigations Review.
17 May 2019
Nicola Sharp Of Business Crime Solicitors Rahman Ravelli Considers The Latest Accusations And Developments In The Lloyds-HBOS Scandal
MPs have called for a new investigation into Lloyds over an alleged cover-up regarding the mistreatment of small business customers by its HBOS unit.
16 Apr 2019
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