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Gulf Cooperation Council VAT update
The General Authority of Zakat and Tax in KSA has published English version of the Islamic Finance VAT guide, which was previously only published in Arabic.
United Arab Emirates
28 Jun 2019
Challenges Facing Green And Socially Responsible Investments
As of today, the amount of investment that can qualify as SRI in the energy sector is still relatively low; however, increased eff orts are being made to increase the amount of investment
United Arab Emirates
23 Apr 2019
Dana Gas – Choice Of English Governing Law Upheld Over Arguments Of Non-Shari'a Compliance
Gana Gas PJSC (Dana Gas), the Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange listed, UAE-based energy producer, commenced restructuring negotiations with a number of its creditors in May 2017.
United Arab Emirates
27 Nov 2017
Project Finance – Q&A – Practical Guide - UAE
What are the key difference in the legislation in the UAE and other key international jurisdiction?
United Arab Emirates
30 Oct 2017
Leasing Of Aircraft(s) Per Islamic Finance
In our previous issue, we discussed the Shariah principles of ijara, simple ijara, ijara wa iqtina, ijara mawsufa fi al dimmah, istisna'a, and how ijara and mawsufa fi al dimmah work.
United Arab Emirates
29 Sep 2017
VAT In The GCC – Q&A Updates From The UAE Ministry Of Finance
On 9 July the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Ministry of Finance (MOF) published an update of the Value Added Tax (VAT) FAQ section of its website.
United Arab Emirates
19 Jul 2017
Creation Of The Abu Dhabi Global Market
General duties of employees are spelled out in the Employment Regulation.
United Arab Emirates
19 Jul 2017
Asset-Backed Sukuk: Is The Time Right For True Securitisation?
In the 'conventional' finance space, asset-backed financings have proved a successful method of funding social and civil infrastructure.
United Arab Emirates
18 Jul 2017
Comparing Sharia'a Governance Frameworks
Internal assurance arrangements are clearly the most prevalent governance model currently in place.
United Arab Emirates
18 Jul 2017
Islamic & Christian Finance: A Shared Heritage
Today, Islamic finance is widely accepted as a global USD 2 trillion industry offering banking, insurance and asset management services in over 75 countries around both the Islamic and non-Islamic world.
United Arab Emirates
18 Jul 2017
Islamic Finance & Oil Prices: Where To Now?
The variation of petrol prices also would not just affect the Islamic banking industry specifically, but have a systemic effect on the entire banking field.
United Arab Emirates
18 Jul 2017
Islamic finance – Aviation and innovation
Innovation could further increase the significance of Islamic finance as a source of finance for the aviation industry.
United Arab Emirates
5 Jan 2017
Bonds And Sukuk Issuances Under The New UAE Commercial Companies Law
Article 31 of the New Companies Law confirms the existing position that only a Private Joint Stock Company or a Public Joint Stock Company may issue bonds and sukuk.
United Arab Emirates
16 Jul 2015
Banks and financial institutions are a part of everyone's life. The financial relationship between a person and his bank is government by documents and agreements.
United Arab Emirates
17 Nov 2014
An Introduction To Personal Guarantee
The economic boom in UAE has resulted in huge developments and a considerable increase in trade.
United Arab Emirates
5 Sep 2014
Stepping Up To The Plate
This article discusses the lack of regulations, documentation and qualified professionals needed to regulate and defend stakeholders’ rights in the Islamic finance industry.
United Arab Emirates
2 Oct 2013
Growth Of Family Enterprises In The Arabian Gulf - The Role Of Shariah
The Shariah has played a significant role in the growth of family enterprises in the Arabian Gulf.
United Arab Emirates
21 Sep 2012
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