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Back To Basics: Navigating A SARS Audit And Dispute Process
The obligation to make payment by a taxpayer of an assessment is not suspended merely because that taxpayer intends on disputing such assessment
South Africa
29 Oct 2018
Director And Auditor Rotation In South Africa
Bernard Agulhas, IRBA's CEO, states that the objective of mandatory audit firm rotation is to strengthen the independence of audit firms from their clients and to boost empowerment.
South Africa
3 May 2017
Final Notice Of Duty To Keep Records, Books Of Account Or Documents In Terms Of The TAA
Following a round of public comments in relation to the Draft Notice, on 28 October 2016, SARS released a final version of the notice, setting out the documents required to be kept specifically for transfer pricing purposes.
South Africa
18 Nov 2016
Requests For Relevant Material: A Delicate Balance Between SARS’ Powers And Taxpayer’s Rights
Practically, relevance can only be determined at the time that the information is requested and such information must remain within the scope of the audit.
South Africa
19 Feb 2015
Fraud Perpetrated By The Change Of Banking Details
Fraud can cost an organisation hundreds of thousands if not millions of Rands if not detected early enough.
South Africa
19 Jun 2014
Deductibility Of Audit Fees
The Supreme Court of Appeal delivered judgment in the case of Commissioner for the South African Revenue Service v Mobile Telephone Networks Holdings Ltd.
South Africa
16 Apr 2014
IFRS 4: The Latest In Moving Closer Towards An Insurance Contract Accounting Standard
The International Standards Boards (IASB) issued a second Exposure Draft (ED) in June 2013.
South Africa
8 Apr 2014
Revised Hedge Accounting Rules Provide Opportunities For South African Corporates
The recently released accounting standard, IFRS 9 (2013) – General hedge accounting could offer some welcome relief to corporate South Africa.
South Africa
10 Mar 2014
To Be Or Not To Be ... A Risk Transfer Arrangement
IFRS 4 provides guidance on whether medical schemes should assess capitation agreements as risk transfer arrangements or not.
South Africa
10 Mar 2014
The Effect Of Corruption On Tax Morality
The tax debate internationally and in South Africa is increasingly focusing on closing perceived tax loopholes and increasing self-assessment through vigorous audit.
South Africa
24 Feb 2014
Cross-Border Investigations Are Rising
According to the 2013 KPMG Cross-Border Investigations survey of sixty global executives, ninety percent indicated that the number of cross-border investigations have either increased or remained the same over the last year.
South Africa
21 Feb 2014
Cross-Border Investigations: Are You Prepared For The Challenge?
Conducting cross-border investigations is no simple endeavor. Ninety-five percent of the executives expect that their needs for cross-border investigations will increase or at least to stay the same over the next year.
South Africa
21 Feb 2014
KPMG Celebrates 20 Years At The Forefront Of Forensics
Forensic accounting may not sound like an exciting line of work, but as early as 1993 KPMG has led the industry in this field.
South Africa
13 Dec 2013
Auditing: Negligence
The risks auditors face, have increased substantially in the last few years and continue to do so.
South Africa
9 Dec 2013
Auditor's Reports Into The Future
At the end of July 2013, the International Auditing and Assurance Standards Board (IAASB) released a suite of exposure drafts which propose to revise the auditor's report on financial statements and to make the auditor's report more informative.
South Africa
11 Nov 2013
Changes To Annual Financial Statements For Pension Funds
Following the SAICA Retirement Fund Meeting held on 3 September 2013, consensus was reached with the Financial Services Board (FSB) that the revised retirement fund annual financial statements will be effective for year-ends from 31 January 2013.
South Africa
28 Oct 2013
IP Due Diligence - Brand & Trademark Considerations
The capital of a successful business enterprise is generally composed of working capital, fixed assets and intellectual capital.
South Africa
3 Oct 2013
Prestigious Internship Programme - Private-Public Partnership That Delivers
The Prestigious Internship Programme is a prime example of how public-private partnership can address the national challenge around high numbers of unemployed youth and particularly unemployed graduates in South Africa.
South Africa
25 Jul 2013
SARS Audits And Taxpayers’ Rights
The Tax Administration Act, Act 28 of 2011brought with it many changes to not only taxpayers' rights and obligations but the reciprocal rights and obligations on the part of the South African Revenue Service in its continuous business of revenue collection.
South Africa
8 Jul 2013
Proposed New Accounting Reporting Standards Will Impact On Telecoms Sector
Imminent changes to revenue recognition standards will have far-reaching cost implications for the telecommunications sector, among others.
South Africa
2 Jul 2013
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