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The Value of Specialised Financial Statement Preparation for Alternative Investment Funds
It can be a highly useful exercise to examine any identifiable challenges in the annual reporting process.
Cayman Islands
10 Sep 2019
US Partnership Representative Requirements
The Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015 has introduced new partnership audit rules, which require entities that file a partnership tax return in the United States (Form 1065) to designate a Partnership Representative ...
Cayman Islands
2 Aug 2019
Cayman Islands Monetary Authority Notice – Excluded Persons AML/CFT Obligations And Requirements For AML Audit
On January 25th, 2019, the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority ("CIMA") published a Notice1 reminding entities which are registered with CIMA ...
Cayman Islands
12 Feb 2019
Anti-Money Laundering Audits Required For Securities Investment Business Excluded Persons
Cayman financial services providers, including entities carrying on securities investment business are required to comply with the Proceeds of Crime Law (2018 Revision), the Anti-Money Laundering Regulations (2018 Revision) ...
Cayman Islands
6 Feb 2019
Corporate Legislative Update - Ireland
The Credit Reporting Act 2013 (the "CRA") established an official statutory register (the "Register") operated by the Central Bank of Ireland ("CBI") to record the amount of credit in the Irish economy.
Cayman Islands
12 Oct 2018
Cayman Islands Court Of Appeal Overturns Antisuit Injunction In Favour Of Argyle Funds SPC Inc
The Cayman Islands Court of Appeal has unanimously allowed every ground of an appeal by the liquidators of Argyle Funds SPC Inc. ("Argyle"), holding that its former auditors,
Cayman Islands
12 Oct 2018
Cayman Islands Court Of Appeal Rules On Restraint Of Foreign Claims Against Third Parties
In a judgment delivered on 8 October 2018, the Cayman Islands Court of Appeal ("CICA") allowed a partial appeal by the joint official liquidators of Argyle Funds SPC Inc. (in Official Liquidation)...
Cayman Islands
12 Oct 2018
BVI Companies: Urgent Action Required To Avoid Potential Strike Off
As previously advised, all companies existing before 1 April 2016 (each an "Existing Company") were required to file particulars of their current directors with the Registrar of Corporate Affairs (the "Registrar").
Cayman Islands
28 Sep 2018
NOCLAR: A New Era For Professional Ethics
While many may envision accountants sitting behind computers with spreadsheets and pencils, their unique position often places them as guardians of the public interest.
Cayman Islands
4 Jun 2018
Voluntary Liquidations – Advance Preparation To Minimize Or Avoid 2018 Fees
This DMS Advisory reminds investment funds stakeholders of impending deadlines to be met...
Cayman Islands
25 Sep 2017
Cayman Islands AEOI Update – Extension To AEOI Portal Closure Date
On 30 August 2017, the Department of International Tax Cooperation issued an update with respect to U.S. FATCA and the Common Reporting Standard:
Cayman Islands
12 Sep 2017
FATCA Withstands Challenge In Court
The penal withholding tax provisions of FATCA are making it difficult for US citizens to do business with foreign (non-US) financial institutions
Cayman Islands
31 Aug 2017
Cayman Islands & BVI AEOI Update: Extended Reporting Deadlines
Pursuant to an industry advisory dated 19 July 2017, the Department for International Tax Cooperation has announced a final extension of the 2017 Reporting Deadline for FATCA and CRS to 31 August 2017.
21 Jul 2017
CIIPA: The Changing Face Of Accountancy
Sheree Ebanks explains how the Cayman Islands Institute of Professional Accountants has evolved since its inception.
Cayman Islands
21 Mar 2017
Updated Policy On Audit Waivers For Cayman Funds
Following industry consultation in early 2016, the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA) has published an updated policy on exemptions from the annual audit requirement for regulated Cayman Islands investment funds (the Policy).
Cayman Islands
5 Jul 2016
Welcome Changes To CIMA's Policy On Audit Exemptions: Fast Action Required
In October 2015, the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA) announced its policy with respect to audits of stub periods in the context of mutual funds.
Cayman Islands
4 Jul 2016
CISPA: Promoting And Preserving Cayman's Accounting Industry
The Cayman Islands Society of Professional Accountants' (CISPA) story began in 1970 when Cayman's financial services was in its infancy.
Cayman Islands
26 Feb 2016
Termination Of Cayman Vehicles - Act Quickly To Avoid 2016 Annual Fees And Audit Expenses
CIMA has historically allowed registered funds that have operated but are now being terminated to apply for a part-year audit waiver when the initial termination filings are made.
Cayman Islands
8 Sep 2015
Cayman Counsel Series: CIMA Deregistration - Stub Period Audit Waivers
We're bringing you bite size insights and a fresh point of view on current legal trends and forces shaping the market for those doing business with the Cayman Islands.
Cayman Islands
30 Jul 2015
Students Advise Small Businesses
A handful of small business owners are getting free consultations from University College of the Cayman Islands (UCCI) business students.
Cayman Islands
19 Feb 2015
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