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A Balancing Act - The Collateral Challenge For Capital Markets Firms
The latest report from our Centre for Regulatory Strategy, EMEA outlines the new requirements around the exchange and holding of collateral, and sets out the best practices and advanced techniques to respond effectively to the resulting collateral management challenge.
20 Feb 2017
Biased Expectations: Will Biases In IFRS 9 Models Be Material Enough To Impact Accounting Values, As Well As Other Applications Such As Pricing?
As European IFRS reporters enter 2017, the first generation of Expected Credit Loss (ECL) models have generally been developed, and granular transitional impacts quantified.
23 Jan 2017
The Deloitte Business Health Check – Is Your Working Capital Working For You?
The recovery from the financial crisis of 2008 barely got going before we were talking about a sovereign debt crisis in Europe.
21 Apr 2016
FRC Advises Audit Committees To Take Care With Disclosure Of AQR Findings - December 2014
We are issuing this further briefing to increase awareness as we believe the new requirements need more focus by boards in the corporate sector.
13 Jan 2015
Collateral Management & Credit Mitigation - Reducing Risk Exposure
Credit risk certainly stands as a cornerstone of the banking system. Concerns that counterparties will default on their repayment obligations has become a growing concern over years.
10 Nov 2010
The Deloitte CFO Survey Caution Rules
Despite doubts about the timing and magnitude of the recovery, UK CFOs have become markedly more optimistic about financial prospects for their own companies.
29 Oct 2009
Releasing Working Capital Within The Supply Chain
The current economic downturn is having two major and contradictory impacts on the consumer packaged goods supply chain.
10 Jul 2009
Channel Strategy
The current economic environment is increasing pressure across industries and involving all players in the value chain from primary producers to retailers and the many potential intermediaries.
10 Jul 2009
How The UK’s Leading Organisations Are Cutting IT Costs
As large corporations and government departments experience increasing pressure to control their costs, IT expenditure is under ever closer scrutiny.
11 May 2009
Focused On The Fundamentals - A Sustainable Approach To Cost Reduction
The effects of the credit crunch, and stalling income growth from the deterioration of market conditions, are increasingly forcing financial services organisations to reconsider their cost positions.
16 Mar 2009
Working Capital Management: Do You Manage Your Company’s Working Capital In The Most Efficient Way?
Internal and external developments will have farreaching implications on your working capital management function. Making the right decision could subsequently prove to be vitally important.
29 May 2007
Foreign Exchange Risk - How To Choose The Solution That Is Right For You
With the recent volatility in currency markets and in particular the weakness of the US Dollar, many companies are again revisiting their foreign exchange risk management strategy.
14 May 2007
On Best Behaviour - Sound Advice On Executing Strategy
Nothing is more important to a business than excellent execution or that it execute its strategy excellently. But how many are convinced that they do so, and how often? Very few, seems to be the answer. Our recent survey of top executives in the UK found widespread agreement that, in the words of one interviewee, there is very often a disjoint between strategy and execution.
28 Nov 2006
Too Close to Call - The Future of the UK Motor Insurance Market
Our recent personal lines executive survey showed there is plenty to worry businesses as we head towards 2005. Concerns were expressed that companies are going for growth rather than profit and the industry thinks the so called UK compensation culture is a reality rather than a media myth. The impact of other factors such as reinsurance or the Courts Act could prove telling.
13 Apr 2005
Football Money League - The Climbers and the Sliders (Part 1 of 2)
Welcome to this, the eighth year of the Deloitte Football Money League, which profiles the largest clubs in the world’s most popular sport. There are a number of different methods of defining a large club – in terms of fanbase, attendances, TV audiences, or success on the pitch. However, for the purposes of this publication, we look at the best publicly available measure of ‘financial muscle’: income from day to day football business operations.
8 Mar 2005
Football Money League - The Climbers and the Sliders (Part 2 of 2)
The Deloitte Football Money League is once again filled by clubs from Western Europe, but only six countries provide all 20 clubs on the list. England has the most (eight clubs), followed by Italy (five), Germany, Spain and Scotland (two each), and France (one club). What is different about the UK market which means that England and Scotland provide half of the Money League representatives?
8 Mar 2005
No time for change - Contactless Smartcards have Arrived
A tiny chip is set to replace a fistful of coins and notes for many everyday low-value payment transactions. Demand for the latest generation of contactless payment solutions is likely to be driven by consumers and retailers. Widespread consumer adoption will not just depend on maximising ease of use; creating contagion requires ubiquitous merchant take-up and a profitable business model.
7 Mar 2005
Report on the impact of the Directors’ Remuneration Report Regulations
This ‘Report on the Directors’ Remuneration Report Regulations 2002’ (‘Report’), describes research undertaken by Deloitte and Touche LLP (‘Deloitte’) on behalf of the Department of Trade & Industry (‘DTI’) and according to terms of reference agreed with the DTI
27 Jan 2005
Manufacturing outlook 2004/05 - Sorting the survivors from the winners
This is a good time to be in manufacturing. To those who are still feeling bruised by the upheavals and severe trading conditions of the past few years, this may seem an extraordinary statement. Few are comforted by the fact that the rate of change is still accelerating; in fact, uncertainty is becoming today’s only constant.
13 Oct 2004
Manufacturing outlook 2004/05 - More bang for your buck
In a bid to secure competitive advantage, we are all striving to lower our cost base and improve bottom line performance. Streamlining supply chain systems and processes can deliver a vital combination of reduced stock levels and lead-times, reduced WIP, better asset utilisation, improved use of production sites, increased productivity and superior service to customers.
13 Oct 2004
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