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Dutch Court Rejects Preliminary Injunction On Balancing Of Interests In FRAND Licensing Dispute
The Provisions Judge of the District Court of The Hague has refused to grant a preliminary injunction against Chinese mobile phone manufacturer Xiaomi based on two alleged Standard Essential Patents
30 Sep 2019
Dutch Court Of Appeal Gives Guidance On FRAND License Negotiations
For the first time, the Court of Appeal of The Hague has given guidance on the interpretation of the CJEU decision in Huawei v ZTE and the standards for assessing FRAND defences ...
4 Jun 2019
On Copyright Without Flavor
When you sit in a restaurant, you're surrounded by copyright protected works: the art on the walls, the restaurant's logo on the menu and in some cases even the dining tables and chairs.
12 Dec 2018
Stock Photos - Copyright - Free Or Not?
The Sub-District Judge at the Noord-Holland Court issued an interesting decision in April 2017. A Dutch car company had placed a stock photo of a temperature gauge on its website, without permission.
7 Feb 2018
The Fleece Jacket & The Lex Loci Protectionis: Winter Is Coming
Scotch had demanded a pan-European injunction. Copyright law is largely the same across EU member states, due to the Copyright Directive.
27 Oct 2017
US Supreme Court Rules In Landmark Case On Patent Exhaustion
Recently, the Supreme Court of the United States issued one of the most important patent decisions in the US. In Impression Products, Inc. v. Lexmark International, Inc. the Supreme Court...
21 Aug 2017
European Patent Office Amends Rules For Plant And Animal Patents
The patentability of plant and animal varieties has been a recurring topic of discussion over the years.
European Union
15 Aug 2017
CJEU Rules On Copyright Protection In The Online Environment
Recently the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) issued an important ruling for copyright holders, providers of online platforms and intermediaries dealing with copyright protection...
European Union
24 Jul 2017
Dutch Court Rules In Standard Essential Patent Abuse Of Dominance Claim
The Hague District Court in the Netherlands rejected a claim brought by smartphone maker Archos alleging that Philips had abused its dominant position during negotiations concerning licenses on FRAND terms for SEPs.
21 Apr 2017
UPC Sunrise Period: Decide On Opting Out Your European Patents
For some time, it seemed the Unified Patent Court (UPC) and unitary patents would remain a distant prospect.
20 Apr 2017
Software Licensees Should Review Software Licences To Address Risks Of Indirect Use
Recently a UK court ruled in favour of the software licensor SAP against Diageo in a case concerning Diageo's indirect use of SAP software.
23 Mar 2017
Commission And Council Positions Signal End Of Plant-Related Patents
The patentability of plant varieties has been a recurring topic of discussion over the years. Despite some pro-patentability decisions by the European Patent Office...
European Union
23 Mar 2017
"Clarifying" Trade Mark Infringement In The Netherlands
IPPZ is a company that develops software for health care professionals.
10 Mar 2017
Trade Secrets Directive In Implementation Process And 2017 Launch Of Unified Patent Court Becomes Possibility
In 2017, the focus will continue to be on the impact of the new Trade Secrets Directive and the expected realisation of the Unified Patent Court.
European Union
8 Feb 2017
Dutch District Court The Hague, 30 November 2016 (HP v Benson Image et al.)
On 30 November 2016 the Dutch District Court in The Hague has ruled in the case of printer cartridges, Hewlett-Packard v Benson Image et al.
13 Jan 2017
Chief Rules In The Netherlands
The Amsterdam District Court has decided that H&M infringed the trade mark rights of Jeans Centre by selling sweaters on which the sign CHIEF was displayed in large capitals...
3 Jan 2017
UK's Intention To Ratify UPCA Brings Existence Of A Single European Patent Court Closer
British participation in setting up the Unified Patent Court has been uncertain since the vote for Brexit in June 2016...
European Union
20 Dec 2016
ECJ: Hyperlinks To Unauthorised Content May Infringe Copyright
The European Court of Justice has clarified that the posting of a hyperlink to unauthorised content protected by copyright and hosted by a third party may result in copyright infringement.
European Union
15 Sep 2016
Well, Well, A Copyright Protected Slogan
After the ruling Bavaria promptly sent Your Hosting 140 crates of beer after the judgment under the guise of "Everyone has earned a beer by now." This "little package" was much appreciated by Your Hosting.
20 Jul 2016
Smell-a-likes In The Netherlands
Chanel and Coty have successfully acted against several Dutch companies trading under the name Bargello Perfumes. Bargello offered smell-a-like perfumes claiming the same or even a better quality...
6 Jul 2016
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