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Business in Africa: investment and intellectual property
Exponential economic development across Africa has resulted in a greater necessity for increased protection of intellectual property ("IP") assets on the continent.
South Africa
20 Jun 2019
Soul Destroying – Perhaps Not!
There are predictable references in the press reports to the biblical figures David and Goliath.
South Africa
12 Apr 2019
Brexit, And The Importance Of Being (GI) Earnest
Many South Africans, I suspect, find Brexit both boring and incomprehensible. All that endless talk of customs unions, free trade agreements, hard borders, borders in the Irish Sea..!
South Africa
10 Oct 2018
Frodo: Not Baggin This One
We don't often discuss Korean trade mark cases, but a recent registry decision is worth a look because it shines a spotlight on a particularly interesting aspect of trade mark law: character merchandising.
South Korea
23 Aug 2018
Blockchain And Trade Marks, What's That All About Then?
Blockchain is very much in the news these days, most often in the context of Bitcoin. But people are also talking about blockchain in the context of brands and trade marks.
South Africa
31 May 2018
Copyright: Joint Ownership And Databases
A South African judgment dealing with joint ownership of copyright in databases has recently come to light. The judgment was handed down almost a year ago, but it seems to have slipped under the radar.
South Africa
8 Feb 2018
Brexit: Is It Offensive?
The issue of offensive trade marks has been in the news quite a bit of late. Now, the European trade mark authorities have considered whether Brexit, the term used to describe the UK's departure...
South Africa
27 Nov 2017
In The News Today: Trade Marks
These stories, such as the ones below, often make the points far better than we ever could.
South Africa
12 Jun 2017
Brands – Ever More Valuable Assets
The 2017 edition of the annual Brand Finance Global 500 report on the world's most valuable brands was recently released.
South Africa
13 Mar 2017
Passing Off In Namibia
The High Court has made it clear that it takes IP seriously, that English and South African IP decisions are very relevant, and that anyone alleging passing off will need to submit compelling evidence.
8 Dec 2016
Iceland And The Pitfalls Of Geographic Names
A trade mark dispute about the name Iceland highlights the issue of trade marks in relation to geographic names.
South Africa
11 Oct 2016
Trade Marks Come To (And From) Africa
It certainly says a great deal about the continent's growing economic importance.
South Africa
10 Aug 2016
Trade Mark Registration Now Required To Export Certain Products To Egypt
Egypt's Ministry of Trade and Industry has issued Decree No. 43 of 2016, which amends the rules organising the registration of factories and companies that are eligible to export their products to Egypt.
30 Jun 2016
What Does Brexit Mean For IP Protection In The UK
Clients with European Union trade marks, registered designs and EP patents may be wondering what will happen to their IP protection in the United Kingdom now that the nation has voted to leave the EU.
European Union
29 Jun 2016
Copyright, Fair Dealing And Hyperlinks
A South African court has found that, for the purposes of fair dealing in copyright law, hyperlinks are a sufficient way of acknowledging source and ownership.
South Africa
29 Jun 2016
Two Stripes And You're Out
A recent European case in which Adidas successfully objected to a two-stripe device trade mark for footwear is interesting for us in Africa.
South Africa
26 Apr 2016
Trade Mark Opposition And Invalidation Hearings Temporarily Suspended In Botswana
In the meantime, the office will continue to receive and acknowledge all trade mark oppositions and invalidations lodged with it.
South Africa
29 Feb 2016
Another Chapter In The Kit Kat Shape Saga
There's seemingly no end to the question of whether or not Nestlé can register the four-finger shape of its Kit Kat chocolate bar as a trade mark.
South Africa
29 Feb 2016
The Swiss Army Knife And Multi-Purpose IP
A recent court decision involving the Swiss Army knife gives an interesting insight into some of the intellectual property (IP) rights that a product can enjoy.
South Africa
3 Dec 2015
Foreign Trade Marks: Keeping Up To Speed
South African companies that export their goods and services are well aware of the need to clear and register their trade marks in the countries where they do business.
4 Sep 2015
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