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Turning Clicks Into Contracts: Top Ten Tips For An Influencer Marketing Contracts
The rise of the influencer as a marketing tool has been much discussed in the Middle East. From Kuwaiti beauty bloggers, who attract several million followers ...
Saudi Arabia
26 Jun 2018
2018 Special 301 Report's "Watch-List": An Analysis Of The Inclusion Of Saudi Arabia And The UAE
Special 301 Report (the "Report") is a United States congressional mandated document that reflects the U.S. Administration's views on the protection and enforcement of U.S. intellectual property (IP) rights globally.
Saudi Arabia
26 Jun 2018
Trademark Considerations For The Hospitality Sector In The UAE
By the Dubai Expo in 2020, the UAE plans to have more than 170,000 hotel rooms according to news reports. Dubai currently boasts 100,000 hotel rooms ...
United Arab Emirates
25 Jun 2018
Domain Name Strategies For Brand Owners
Having a website is essential for any business wishing to have an online presence. In doing so, brand owners are well advised to take control of their domain name management.
Saudi Arabia
25 Jun 2018
UAE Implements New Fast-Tracked Registration For Innovative And Orphan Drugs
Effective 22 January 2018, the Ministry of Health and Prevention in the United Arab Emirates (‘MOHAP') issued a Ministerial Resolution that provides for the fast-track registration of...
Saudi Arabia
25 Apr 2018
KSA Customs And Vision 2030
The Vision 2030 of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as announced on 25 April 2016, is the plan for the post-oil era with the rise of new energy efficient producing technologies.
Saudi Arabia
21 Feb 2018
The Dubai Court Of Cassation Issues Decision That Strengthens The Status Of 3D Trademarks
Al Tamimi & Co. have successfully represented Cartier (the "Plaintiff") in proceedings filed with the Dubai Court of First Instance against a famous jeweller in the UAE (the "Defendant")...
United Arab Emirates
16 Jan 2018
Intellectual Property In The Wake Of Artificial Intelligence
Artificial intelligence systems ("AI") have been a hot topic in recent years and, although we might not yet be aware, aspects of AI have already found their way into our daily lives.
United Arab Emirates
23 Nov 2017
Innovations And IP Protection In Transport: From Industrialization To Computerization
Evolution and improvements in technology have allowed man to travel, expand and explore far reaching territories.
Saudi Arabia
8 Nov 2017
Oman Implements The GCC Trademarks Law
On 25th July 2017, the Royal Decree No. 33 of 2017 promulgating the Law of Trademarks for the GCC States ("GCC Trademarks Law") was issued in Oman, and it came directly into effect after its publication.
21 Sep 2017
The Fight Against Counterfeit Pharmaceuticals: Innovative Technologies To The Rescue?
For the pharmaceutical industry and for governmental regulators, counterfeit medications remain a top concern not only in the MENA region, but globally.
Saudi Arabia
21 Sep 2017
Arrested Development: Legal Considerations For App Developers In The Middle East
App development is a flourishing industry across the Middle East. We are regularly approached by clients seeking legal advice on issues relating to app development.
United Arab Emirates
26 Jul 2017
Protection Of IP Rights For Mobile Apps
Mobile Applications enable many businesses to be contacted with greater ease and at any time the customer wants.
United Arab Emirates
24 Jun 2015
Beware Of The Like Button - How To Avoid Misuse Of Common Social Media Logos
Social networking is a great tool to build a business, maintain contact with consumers and create word of mouth.
United Arab Emirates
16 Jun 2015
Establishment Of New Intellectual Property Rights Protection Department In Sharjah, UAE
As of February 2011, Sharjah Department of Economic Development ("SDED") has established a new Intellectual Property Rights Protection Department ("IPRD") in a show of commitment to the enforcement of IP rights in Sharjah in a more organised and streamlined manner.
United Arab Emirates
27 May 2011
Fortifying Cyber Presence RIVOLI Triumphs In Wresting www.Rivoliwatch.Com From A Competitor
The Complainant, Rivoli Group LLC, is a well known purveyor of luxury goods in the region particularly in the UAE with a multitude of retail outlets.
United Arab Emirates
6 Apr 2011
Copyright Protection vs Digital Infringement
Authors of copyright works and holders of neighboring rights enjoy protection under the UAE Federal Law No. 7 of 2002 Concerning Copyrights and Neighboring Rights (the "UAE Copyright Law").
United Arab Emirates
23 Feb 2011
Intellectual Property Rights For SMEs
Small and medium enterprises ("SMEs") are the backbone of any economy as they employ workers, utilise local resources, attract investment, and encourage innovation and creativity.
United Arab Emirates
22 Feb 2011
The إمارات. (.emarat) ccTLD Domain Name Extension
Late last year we reported on the .ae Domain Administration, and mentioned the proposed introduction of the إمارات. (.emarat) ccTLD domain name extension, and plans to introduce Arabic language domain names.
United Arab Emirates
10 Dec 2010
Oman - Industrial Design Registrations Are Now Available, … Finally
Audible sighs of relief were heard from Industrial Design proprietors in October 2010 when welcome news broke of the possibility of filing industrial design applications in Oman.
9 Dec 2010
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