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Tackling Counterfeit Medicines In India
India is one of the leading global producers of low-cost generic medicines due to its high domestic demand and inexpensive manufacturing costs.
12 Apr 2018
Spring Budget 2017 Analysis - Patent Box: Nexus Regime Updates – Cost Sharing Arrangements
The government has been working to incorporate the changes required as a result of the OECD's work on BEPS Action 5: Harmful Tax Practices, which requires implementation of a Nexus approach to the Patent Box regime.
9 Mar 2017
Software Licensing: Gone Are The Easy Days Of Counting Servers And User Numbers
Too often software licensing gets put on the back burner, falling to the bottom of the to-do list, or delegated for someone else to do.
30 May 2014
La CGUE Sull’uso Effettivo Del Marchio Nell’etichetta Levi’s
Con sentenza del 18 aprile scorso nella causa C-12/12, la Corte di Giustizia UE si č pronunciata sul tema dell’uso effettivo di un marchio in un caso riguardante la nota etichetta rossa apposta sulla tasca posteriore destra dei jeans Levi’s.
20 Jun 2013
Patent Box
The Patent Box will allow companies to elect for an effective 10% rate of corporation tax for profits arising from the exploitation of patented technology.
21 Mar 2012
Deloitte Comments On Plans To Review The UK’s Intellectual Property Framework
Elizabeth Gutteridge, Intellectual Property partner at Deloitte, the business advisory firm, comments on the Chancellor’s plans to review the UK’s intellectual property framework to further promote business growth:
23 Mar 2011
Deloitte Technology Predictions 2011 - Part 2
Deloitte predicts that during the course of 2011 online privacy will provoke more irate headlines and exasperated calls for action than ever before.
19 Jan 2011
Deloitte Technology Predictions 2011 - Part 1
Welcome to the 10th edition of Deloitte’s Predictions for the technology, media & telecommunications (TMT) sector.
19 Jan 2011
Deloitte Welcomes ‘Patent Box’ But The Consultation Document Is Still To Come
David Norton, tax partner at Deloitte, comments: "We warmly welcomed the proposal of the ‘Patent Box’ when it was announced by the Chancellor in his Pre-Budget Report in December 2009. The Chancellor reiterated the commitment in his speech today.
24 Mar 2010
Take The Longer Term View - Consumer Business Security Survey 2009
Despite the economic climate negatively impacting Consumer Business (CB) organisations, security issues remain high on the agenda.
26 Mar 2009
Data Management Services: Addressing All Elements Of Your Data From The Roots Up.
"Ultimately, poor data quality is like dirt on the windshield. You may be able to drive for a long time with slowly degrading vision, but at some point, you either have to stop and clear the windshield or risk."
30 May 2007
Strategic Flexibility in Media and Entertainment - Scenarios, Options, Action! (Part One)
Uncertainties plague the media and entertainment sector. Which new technologies will catch on? Will any proposed solution for online piracy work? Which mergers and acquisitions (M&A) deals will win government approval?
9 Aug 2006
Strategic Flexibility in Media and Entertainment - Scenarios, Options, Action! (Part Two)
Whereas the Anticipate phase of Strategic Flexibility generates insights through the application of scenario-based planning, the Formulate phase makes use of what is already known about how to develop good strategy – the well developed body of knowledge concerning both the appropriate processes to use and the content needed to maximize the probability of competitive success.
9 Aug 2006
Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard - Does Your Company Store, Process or Transmit Cardholder Data?
Following a series of high profile data security breaches, credit card users are putting payment processors and merchants under increased pressure to ensure the confidentiality and overall security of personal and transactional data.
3 Aug 2006
Ripped Off: Identity Theft – A View from the Financial Services Industry
Identity fraud is increasing dramatically. And that is just the reported cases. APACS, the UK payments organisation, reports that the cost of online banking fraud more than doubled in the first six months of 2005 compared to the same period in 2004. Similarly, ‘card not present’ fraud via the internet, phone or mail order swelled by 29% in the same period. In fact, internet fraud is said to account for a quarter of all losses.
26 Apr 2006
Flying High - 2006 Global Survey of CEOs in the Deloitte Technology Fast 500
CEOs of the world’s fastest-growing technology companies are even more confident than last year. Yet their actions and intentions, as well as external market factors, suggest a degree of caution may also be in order. While successful IPOs and big money acquisitions point to a market that is still heating up, growing economic uncertainty in Europe and rising interest rates in the United States point to a market that may be topping out.
25 Apr 2006
Your Data. Your Opportunity? - Helping CIOs get the Most from their Data
As the head of your IT department, you are the custodian of what is arguably the most important company asset, its data. We understand that you do not own the data but you do have a variety of responsibilities around the data.
17 Jan 2006
Reviewing and Revising Corporate Interim Reporting - The half-time results
This publication considers how these changes will affect British companies by contrasting new requirements with present practice in interim reports as measured in a survey of current practice. In key areas the results of three older surveys published respectively in 2002, 1999 and 1995 are included to provide comparisons over time.
1 Mar 2005
Oil & Gas: Reserves Measurement and Reporting in the 21st century - Presenting the Full Picture
Strong oil demand growth, coupled with the tightest oil supplies in over 25 years, caused oil prices to surge upwards, averaging almost $40 a barrel. Natural gas production declines in the US, and linkage to oil prices in Western Europe, led to higher natural gas prices and heightened the awareness that much more gas must be piped or shipped over much longer distances in the coming years.
15 Feb 2005
TMT Trends: Predictions,2005 - A focus on the wireline sector
2005 will be a particularly exciting year for the sector. Wireline will remain the dominant voice medium, and enjoy steady volume growth, but Voice over IP (VoIP) will grow its share of the market. Broadband will grow in terms of penetration, speed and quality of service. The steady deployment of fiber to the home (FTTH) promises to provide gigabit connectivity.
9 Feb 2005
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