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Australian gene patent decision may fly the Tasman
The question is - when will the precedent created by this Australian judgment will be considered in New Zealand courts?
New Zealand
23 Oct 2015
Character merchandising and passing off: Rihanna - Talks that Talk - against Topshop
The court gave a fillip to performing artists by finding Topshop liable in passing off to Rihanna for use of her image.
New Zealand
9 Feb 2015
Trade mark dispute over Google AdWords settled with flowers?
This UK case involving Interflora made some observations to inform the Google AdWords trade mark debate in New Zealand.
New Zealand
18 Nov 2014
Copyright law and computer software – retreating from the trivial?
Beyond source and object code, it will be difficult to rely on copyright law to prevent unlicensed copying of software.
New Zealand
4 Sep 2014
Retail store layouts – three dimensional trade marks registrable
It remains uncertain whether trade marks over floor plans and store layouts would benefit businesses or consumers.
New Zealand
25 Jul 2014
Hyperlinks do not infringe copyright – European Court of Justice
Hyperlinking to a website containing copyrighted material is not an infringement of copyright, according to an ECJ case.
New Zealand
1 Mar 2014
New Zealand follows UK lead on software patents
The new Patents Act has finally been passed, completing the first reform of New Zealand's patent law in 60 years.
New Zealand
24 Sep 2013
Australia and New Zealand – a single market for IP?
New Zealand businesses need to respect Australian trade marks, even when they are not used or registered in New Zealand.
New Zealand
10 Aug 2013
Inventors rescued by two word change to Patents Bill
The two words "as such" protect innovative software, while excluding pure computer programs from the patents regime.
New Zealand
9 Sep 2012
Canada clarifies copyright and fair dealing defences
As New Zealand's fair dealing defences may be reviewed and re-tooled, these Canadian developments could be influential.
New Zealand
9 Sep 2012
Three strikes? Keep calm and carry on...
New copyright law on peer-to-peer file sharing is controversial and it’s creating some anxiety.
New Zealand
30 Aug 2011
Privacy Act strengthened: Dentures for a toothless tiger?
Law Commission’s updates to Privacy Act 1993 contemplate technical changes and major departures.
New Zealand
12 Aug 2011
Cloud computing and privacy
Cloud computing is an efficient and low cost alternative to traditional data storage solutions.
New Zealand
4 Aug 2011
Intellectual property
Discusses the intellectual property rights associated with doing business in NZ.
New Zealand
3 Aug 2011
The computer programs affair
The Government has tied itself in knots trying to ban computer programs from the patent regime. It has now sought help from the Intellectual Property Office – but they are struggling to untangle the mess. We think it is time to cut the line and start again. This Brief Counsel explains how the problem arose and reviews the remedial efforts to date. We propose our own solution.
New Zealand
22 Mar 2011
Did the Privacy Commissioner get it right with Google?
Late last year, the Privacy Commissioner (the Commissioner) clipped Google for breaching the Privacy Act 1993 (the Act) through its "Street View" filming in New Zealand. Google acknowledged early on that it had made mistakes and has given a number of undertakings to improve its Privacy Act compliance processes.
New Zealand
1 Feb 2011
Can you own the haka?
Perhaps nothing speaks to our national identity more than the sight and sound of the All Blacks performing Ka Mate before pasting the Boks or the French.
New Zealand
19 Nov 2010
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