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Russian IP Law Will Protect GIs
On 26 July 2019 the Russian president signed a bill on a new, independent form of intellectual property – geographical indications (GIs).
Russian Federation
11 Oct 2019
Businesses Have Until November 24 To Put Their French Face Forward
As previously reported, Quebec companies that display a non-French trademark on outdoor signage in the absence of a French generic term, slogan...
9 Oct 2019
Patentees Beware: Federal Court Rules Foreign Patent File Histories Could Come Back To Haunt You
On Sept. 25, 2019, the Federal Court of Canada released its first decision interpreting the scope of new section 53.1 of the Patent Act.
4 Oct 2019
Changes To Canada's Patent Practice: Impact On National Phase Entry
National phase entry of PCT applications represent a large percentage of total patent application filings in Canada, and accounted for about 79% of total filings with the Canadian Intellectual Property
24 Sep 2019
Oh Canada! Reasons To Seek Patent Protection In The True North In 2019
Canada's innovation and tech sectors have flourished in recent years, attracting leading entrepreneurs and major investments from around the world to Canada
20 Sep 2019
The Significant Role Of Colour In Russian Trademarks
When scanning the shelves for a particular product, consumers typically look for the colour that they associate with their preferred brand. Indeed, colour plays a significant role in strengthening
Russian Federation
6 Sep 2019
IP Disputes Regime Streamlined To Enhance Singapore's Attractiveness As A Forum For IP Litigation And Arbitration
In August 2019, the Singapore Government introduced the Second Reading of a new law, the Intellectual Property (IP) Dispute Resolution Bill
6 Sep 2019
Why Registering IP In China Is Essential
Boardroom optimism about the Chinese market is often not backed up by an intellectual property (IP) strategy. But filing IP in the country should be a default for multi-nationals.
3 Sep 2019
Never Ever Getting Back Together: What Artists Can Learn From Taylor Swift's Decision To Re-Record Her Entire Back Catalogue
So, you're a successful artist who recently moved to a new record label, only to turn around and find out that the masters for your first six albums, the last 10 years of your career, have been sold to someone you have...
2 Sep 2019
How To Buy A Trademark In Russia
There may be several scenarios in which a company needs to buy a Russian-registered trademark owned by a third party.
Russian Federation
30 Aug 2019
Implementation Of The Patent Law Treaty
he Canadian government has published the final version of the new Patent Rules, which come into force on Oct. 30, 2019.
29 Aug 2019
Dazed And Confused: A Closer Look At The Amended Patented Medicines Regulations
While Friday's announcement of amendments to the Patented Medicines Regulations (the "PMR") may not have introduced any surprises
19 Aug 2019
PMPRB Shakeup – United States And Switzerland No Longer Relevant Countries
The federal government has announced the long-awaited changes to the Patented Medicines Regulations, which are set to come into force on July 1, 2020.
13 Aug 2019
Patent Extension In Russia
Since 2003 it has been possible to extend the duration or term of a Russian patent for a drug, pesticide or agricultural chemical by up to five years.
Russian Federation
9 Aug 2019
The Importance Of Intellectual Property Rights In Technology
As technology continues to alter and change the very fabric of how we live and work, it is clear that almost every industry is set to be (or already being) disrupted by innovation
9 Aug 2019
Intellectual Property And Artificial Intelligence In The UK
The front line intellectual property rights for AI and big data are patents, copyright, the sui generis database right and trade secrets.
9 Aug 2019
Canada Announces New Patent Collective Pilot Program And IP Marketplace
As part of its Intellectual Property Strategy launched early last year, the government of Canada announced today several initiatives that purport to help Canadian entrepreneurs secure
7 Aug 2019
How To Leverage IP To Protect Against Tech Disruption
Intellectual property provides opportunities and defences against technological disruption, so why isn't it higher up the agenda?
2 Aug 2019
IP Strategy: What Management Can Learn From The Disruptors
IP strategies that appreciate licensing, connectivity patents and the behaviour of start-ups can give companies the edge in disrupted markets.
29 Jul 2019
China Introduces "Intent To Use" To Combat Trademark Piracy In Its Recent Trademark Law Amendment
On 23 April 2019, just three days before the World Intellectual Property (IP) Day the national legislature in China swiftly approved the fourth amendment to the country's Trademark Law.
26 Jul 2019
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