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Turning Clicks Into Contracts: Top Ten Tips For An Influencer Marketing Contracts
The rise of the influencer as a marketing tool has been much discussed in the Middle East. From Kuwaiti beauty bloggers, who attract several million followers ...
Saudi Arabia
26 Jun 2018
2018 Special 301 Report's "Watch-List": An Analysis Of The Inclusion Of Saudi Arabia And The UAE
Special 301 Report (the "Report") is a United States congressional mandated document that reflects the U.S. Administration's views on the protection and enforcement of U.S. intellectual property (IP) rights globally.
Saudi Arabia
26 Jun 2018
Intellectual Property In The Wake Of Artificial Intelligence
Artificial intelligence systems ("AI") have been a hot topic in recent years and, although we might not yet be aware, aspects of AI have already found their way into our daily lives.
United Arab Emirates
23 Nov 2017
Protection Of IP Rights For Mobile Apps
Mobile Applications enable many businesses to be contacted with greater ease and at any time the customer wants.
United Arab Emirates
24 Jun 2015
Copyright Protection vs Digital Infringement
Authors of copyright works and holders of neighboring rights enjoy protection under the UAE Federal Law No. 7 of 2002 Concerning Copyrights and Neighboring Rights (the "UAE Copyright Law").
United Arab Emirates
23 Feb 2011
Intellectual Property Rights For SMEs
Small and medium enterprises ("SMEs") are the backbone of any economy as they employ workers, utilise local resources, attract investment, and encourage innovation and creativity.
United Arab Emirates
22 Feb 2011
Judicial Decision Restricting Broadcaster’s Ability To Reschedule Programming
It has been broadly accepted that copyright holders in the UAE enjoy absolute discretion to determine the first date of publishing their works.
United Arab Emirates
15 Nov 2010
Working With Dubai Customs To Fight The Infringement Of IP Rights
Customs matters in the UAE are not administered at a federal level, and each emirate is responsible for the administration of its own customs procedures.
United Arab Emirates
28 Oct 2010
Promising Improvements in Handling of IP Cases by Dubai Customs
In a recent case, Dubai Customs demonstrated its willingness to report counterfeit products, accept official complaints on behalf of IP owners, rule on case merits and destroy counterfeit goods.
United Arab Emirates
22 Jun 2010
Industrial Designs – New Implementing Regulations
The Implementing Regulations for Industrial Drawings & Designs Law No. 6 of 2006 have been issued in Bahrain with immediate effect from 25th February 2010.
16 Jun 2010
Employers: protecting valuable IP created by employees
Managers responsible for ensuring that an organisation’s intellectual property rights are protected often believe that the organisation automatically owns all intellectual property rights arising from the work of its employees.
United Arab Emirates
8 Jun 2010
Special 301 Watch List Saudi Arabia celebrates with clean scorecard in 2010
The Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) has recognised the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s ("KSA") progress in the protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights by removing KSA from the Special 301 Watch List.
Saudi Arabia
8 Jun 2010
Overlapping IP Rights
A UAE based company comes up with a new bottle design for their shampoo product.
United Arab Emirates
4 Jun 2010
"Music To My Ears", But To Whom Should I Pay The Royalties?
The intellectual property rights in a musical work exist from the time it is created, and also at the time it is commercially exploited.
United Arab Emirates
30 Mar 2010
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