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Designs - A Global Guide 2019 / Chapter Russia
Russian design law is incorporated into Part IV of the Civil Code.
Russian Federation
24 Jan 2019
Harnessing Slowly, Riding Fast
According to that law, if the owner of content finds that he is the subject of infringement on the Internet, he files a complaint with the Moscow City Court which immediately issues a ruling to Roscomnadzor ...
Russian Federation
10 Sep 2018
Enhancing The Protection Of Copyright And Related Rights On The Internet
It is now impossible to imagine everyday life without the Internet.
Russian Federation
16 Apr 2018
Licensing 2018 (Chapter Russia)
Are there any restrictions on the establishment of a business entity by a foreign licensor or a joint venture involving a foreign licensor and are there any restrictions against a foreign licensor entering into a...
Russian Federation
5 Mar 2018
Britney Spears Protected By Russian Court
It seems that Britney Spears, when she recorded a phonogram of the song "I Love Rock 'n' Roll" never thought that one day she would be protected by Russian court.
Russian Federation
16 Feb 2018
There's Only One "Health Formula"
Russian law (Clause 6 of Article 1252 of the Civil Code) equally protects all means of individualization (trademarks and service marks, firm names, commercial designations).
Russian Federation
16 Jan 2018
Utilising The Full Range Of Protection
The exclusive right to a trademark in Russia is secured on registration with the Russian Trademark Office (Rospatent) or as the result of an international registration designating Russia.
Russian Federation
15 Sep 2017
Intellectual Property Litigation - Chapter Russia
IP litigation in Russia has been rather stable in terms of numbers.
Russian Federation
21 Aug 2017
IP In Business Transactions: Russian Federation Overview
What are the main IPRs in your jurisdiction? How are they protected?
Russian Federation
28 Jul 2017
Internet Anti-Piracy Enforcement In Russia
Russian copyright protection legislation and related court practice is constantly developing.
Russian Federation
11 Jul 2017
Fighting The Pirates In Russia
Russia's Anti-Piracy Law entered into force on August 1, 2013 and regulates a unique copyright protection mechanism allowing blocking of online resources involved in distribution of illegal video...
Russian Federation
7 Jun 2017
The Infringer's Intermediary
Social media have acted as digital spiders might, spinning their webs outward so their reach can be felt almost everywhere.
Russian Federation
2 Jun 2017
New Russian Anti Piracy Law Is It Really Viable And Effective (Video Content)
On October 22, 2015 Gorodissky & Partners held its Webinar "New Russian Anti-Piracy Law: Is it Really Viable and Effective?" dedicated to the effectuation and recent trends of the Russian Anti-Piracy Law and other legal aspects aimed at IP/copyright enforcement on the Internet.
Russian Federation
29 Dec 2015
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