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Hopes That Malawi's New IP Policy Will Stimulate Economic Growth
The National Intellectual Property Policy, launched in Malawi in May 2019, is part of the Malawian government's Growth and Development Strategy III
South Africa
5 Sep 2019
No Patent Protection For Pharmaceutical Products In Rwanda
Rwanda's 2009 Law on Intellectual Property, expressly excludes pharmaceutical products from patent protection.
South Africa
26 Jul 2019
The Tiff Over Teff | Traditional Knowledge
Recently, Mr Fitsum Arega, the Ethiopian Ambassador to the United States of America, tweeted news that the Court of The Hague had just handed down judgment in a matter in which two Dutch patents...
South Africa
22 Jul 2019
These Ingenious African Inventors Are Tackling The World's Worst Water Weed
Hya Matla Organics has found a way to deal with a plant that is choking SA's waterways
South Africa
11 Jun 2019
IP For Good (Beer)
AB InBev offers its patented technology for free to microbrewers after patenting a new brewing innovation
South Africa
12 Apr 2019
How Intellectual Property Rights Are Human Rights
In Part One of this series of articles we introduced the concept of cultural appropriation and provided an explanation of why it sits uncomfortably with most of us.
South Africa
11 Apr 2019
So You Think You Can Patent Your Invention?
You've come up with a great new idea and believe you're the first person in the world to have that idea.
South Africa
11 Apr 2019
Listen | The Intellectual Property Information Gap, The Risks And Opportunities For Value Creation, And How To Get There
There appears to be a yawning gap between good governance and the role of intellectual property disclosure and value creation.
South Africa
9 Apr 2019
Inventor Challenges Zimbabwean Patent Office On Business Method Inventions
Tawanda Mahanzu, a Zimbabwean entrepreneur and inventor ("the applicant"), has approached the Intellectual Property Tribunal of Zimbabwe ("the IPT") ...
South Africa
5 Apr 2019
Notice Regarding Property Transfer Tax For Intellectual Property
On 25 December 2018, the Zambian Industrial Property Office issued a legal notice regarding the application of the Property Transfer Tax (Amendment) Act, 2017 on trade marks, patents and Industrial designs.
21 Mar 2019
Hopes That Changes To The Bangui Agreement Will Improve Trade Mark Prosecution And Litigation Processes
It is hoped that a revision of the terms and functionality of the Bangui Agreement, subject to ratification by all member states of OAPI, will bring significant changes to the prosecution and litigation procedures ...
South Africa
13 Mar 2019
IP And Patent Bills Passed
Following the 2017 retirement of former Registrar for Trade Marks in Swaziland, Mr. Stephan Magagula, the two bills he had a hand in drafting in 2015 have now been passed into law.
18 Dec 2018
Phase 1 Of South Africa's IP Policy | What You Need To Know
The South African government recently approved the first phase of the long awaited Intellectual Property (IP) Policy, after incorporating input from the stakeholders' submissions and representations.
South Africa
18 Dec 2018
Namibia Introduces New Industrial Property Act
The effect of the publication is that the new Industrial Property Act No. 1 of 2012 will come into operation on 1 August 2018.
17 Dec 2018
ARIPO Working Group Clarifies Fees Deadlines
The 7th session of the Working Group on the Improvement of the ARIPO Protocols relating to Industrial Property was held at the ARIPO headquarters in Harare, Zimbabwe on 3 and 4 May 2018.
South Africa
12 Dec 2018
Blockchain | Friend Or Foe Of The Patent System?
Growing interest in blockchain technology also has an impact on the patent system.
South Africa
11 Dec 2018
Inventorship In The Age Of Artificial Intelligence
Artificial intelligence (i.e. AI) has been the buzz word in the past couple of decades, more so if one looks at fictional applications of AI in movies such as Star Wars and I, Robot to name a few.
South Africa
10 Dec 2018
More Than Meets The (GU)I! – IP Protection For Apps
The demand for software applications, particularly mobile apps has grown at a phenomenal rate in recent years, fuelled in part by the ever growing use of smartphones globally.
South Africa
10 Dec 2018
Examining Examination
A question that has received some attention and has elicited some debate recently, particularly since South Africa has joined the BRIC group of countries to form BRICS, is whether or not the South African Patent Office should implement substantive examination as part of its patent prosecution process.
South Africa
30 Oct 2013
IP Due Diligence - Brand & Trademark Considerations
The capital of a successful business enterprise is generally composed of working capital, fixed assets and intellectual capital.
South Africa
3 Oct 2013
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