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Three Years Later: How The Defend Trade Secrets Act Complicated The Law Instead Of Making It More Uniform
Nearly three years ago, on May 11, 2016, the Defend Trade Secrets Act (DTSA) was signed into law, providing litigants a private right of action in federal court for trade secret
United States
2 Sep 2019
The US v. The EU: How Do Trade Secrets Compare?
Trade secrets are protected by both the common law and European Law in England and Wales.
3 Jul 2019
Everything's Bigger In Texas: The Housecanary Trade Secret Saga
HouseCanary, a real estate data-analytics start-up, obtained the largest IP jury verdict of 2018, totaling $706.2 million in compensatory and punitive damages
United States
28 Jun 2019
Clean Your Room: Protecting Against Trade Secret Misappropriation Claims
The constant movement of talent between competitors exposes would-be employers to potential liability for trade secret misappropriation.
United States
28 May 2019
Top Tips For New Businesses: Essential Intellectual Property Considerations
As a new business, developing an IP strategy from day one is essential. IP is one of your company's most valuable assets and therefore laying the foundations for robust long-term protection
United States
22 May 2019
Misconceptions About Patents Hurt Technological Innovators
Three fundamental myths about patents frequently result in missed opportunities and lost value for innovators.
United States
5 Mar 2019
What Do Sugarfina's Bento Box, The Heinz Dip & Squeeze, And The Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Have In Common? Design Rights
You are probably familiar with using trademarks, trade secrets and even utility patents to protect culinary innovations.
United States
29 Oct 2018
Avoid Overlap In Trade Secret And Misappropriation Claims
A plaintiff considering whether to assert trade secret misappropriation and patent infringement claims in the same lawsuit, must craft its damages theories carefully ...
United States
23 Oct 2018
IP Considerations For The Food And Beverage Industry Series: Intellectual Property Considerations For Companies In The Craft Beer Industry
With the recent explosion of the craft beer industry, competition is fiercer than ever. In 2017, there were nearly 1,000 new brewery openings nationwide.
United States
16 Oct 2018
SaMD Series: Open Source Licensing And Trade Secrets
Software as a Medical Device – also referred to as SaMD – is one of the fastest growing innovations in the medical device industry.
United States
24 Jul 2018
Trade Secrets: Protecting Clean Energy Technology
In today's competitive marketplace, it is vital that you have a comprehensive plan in place to protect your intellectual property.
United States
27 Mar 2018
Prosecution Pointer 113
WIPO provides a list of those States bound by the Paris Convention but not the PCT here.
United States
25 Jan 2018
How Intellectual Property Can Give Your Business An Edge
Picture this: It's the first powder day of the season. You're in the lift line, ready to go, and you overhear the person in line behind you explaining her idea for an improved snowboard ...
United States
30 Nov 2017
Trade Secret Suit May Continue Despite Arbitration Clause In Employment Agreement
The Federal Circuit affirmed a California court's decision that Waymo and Uber were not required to arbitrate their trade secret dispute.
United States
22 Nov 2017
Intellectual Property Protection For Artificial Intelligence
AI in technology in one form or another is an increasingly relied upon tool for conducting business.
United States
24 Oct 2017
Northern District Of California: Leading New Paths In Patent And Trade Secret Case Management
In just the first few months of 2017, the court again made strides to allow parties to drill down to the merits of these cases that are near and dear to the hearts of the high technology...
United States
7 Sep 2017
Patents And Secrets In The Chemical Industry
A patent gives a temporary monopoly right for an invention. The trade off? That invention must be publicly disclosed, as well as at a cost to secure and maintain patent protection in each country required.
1 Sep 2017
Spotlight On Upcoming Oral Arguments - August 2017
EmeraChem argues that the Board's "change of theory midstream" deprived it of notice and an opportunity to address the new claim construction.
United States
10 Aug 2017
Practice Tips For The Trade Secret Holder: Preparing A Complaint Under The Defend Trade Secrets Act
Trade secrets can provide great economic value in certain technological and business realms, making effective measures for preventing theft critically important.
United States
5 Jul 2017
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