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Are Trademarks FUCT? SCOTUS Strikes Down Ban On Registering "Immoral" And "Scandalous" Trademarks
On June 24, 2019, in Iancu v. Brunetti, the Supreme Court of the United States struck down the Lanham Act's ban on registering "immoral" or "scandalous" trademarks
United States
11 Jul 2019
With Hemp Legalized By 2018 Farm Bill, Patent And Trademark Office Issues New Guidelines
On May 2, 2019, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) made available a new examination guide aimed at clarifying
United States
22 May 2019
A Closer Look At Tesla's Open-Source Patent Pledge
In 2014, Elon Musk announced that he was "open-sourcing" Tesla's patents.
United States
7 Dec 2018
Top Posts From Our First Year Of The Duane Morris Green IP Blog
This week marks the one-year anniversary of our first post to the Duane Morris Green IP Blog, so we thought we'd mark the occasion with a look back at our top posts of the first year.
United States
20 Nov 2018
Effect Of Rejected Trademark License Agreement On Rights Of Use
Section 365(a) of the Bankruptcy Code permits a debtor or trustee, subject to bankruptcy court approval, to reject an executory contract and release the debtor's estate ...
United States
31 Aug 2018
First Circuit Rejects Seventh Circuit's Approach To Rejection Of Trademark Licenses: Licensees Retain No Post-Rejection Trademark Rights
In one of the first decisions issued this year by the United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit, the court addressed an issue of first impression.
United States
26 Jan 2018
Reforming Myanmar's Intellectual Property Laws
Myanmar's new IP laws are under deliberation by the legislative committee of Myanmar's parliament and are expected to be promulgated by the end of 2017. Presently, IP protection in Myanmar is inadequate for foreign investors.
2 Oct 2017
CaliBurger Copies In-N-Out and Wins
CaliBurger is an in international burger chain, and it seems to be winning after copying the In-N-Out formula.
United States
31 Aug 2017
Defending The Offensive: SCOTUS Defends Right To Register Offensive Trademarks
The justices also disagreed with the government petitioner's argument that federal trademark registration is government speech, which is exempt from First Amendment scrutiny.
United States
30 Jun 2017
Non-Signatories Can't Rely On Equitable Estoppel To Compel Arbitration In Florida
On January 18, 2017, the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit held that sisters Kim, Kourtney and Khloé Kardashian could not rely on the doctrine of equitable estoppel....
United States
13 Feb 2017
First Circuit Bankruptcy Appellate Panel Latest To Warm Up To Protections For Trademark Licensees In Bankruptcy
In its recent decision in Tempnology LLC, n/k/a Old Cold, LLC v. Mission Product Holdings, Inc., the U.S. Bankruptcy Appellate Panel for the First Circuit rejected the Fourth Circuit's holding in . . .
United States
16 Dec 2016
Update On Vietnam's Foreign Contractor Tax On Royalties – Adding 5-10% VAT
An important development in the interpretation of foreign contractor tax could affect your trademark royalty income from Vietnam by 5 to 10%.
15 Dec 2016
15 Dec 2016
Top Ten Reasons For U.S. Companies To Protect Brands In Cuba Now: Part II
This blog post is Part II of a two-part series on strategic business reasons to seek protection of trademarks in Cuba now.
9 Mar 2016
Top Ten Reasons For U.S. Companies To Protect Brands In Cuba Now: Part I
Every company – regardless of size – has a name and/ or a trademark.
2 Mar 2016
Intellectual Property And Cuba
As relations and trade slowly begin to thaw with Cuba, what is the state of intellectual property protection there?
21 Oct 2015
Protecting Fashion Designs Through IP Law
The fashion industry in the United States generates more than $300 billion in revenue each year.
United States
15 Apr 2015
California Limits The Duty To Defend Against Liability For Trademark Infringement As An "Advertising Injury"
In June 2014, two courts applying California insurance law limited the scope of an insurer’s duty to defend against allegations of trademark infringement.
United States
27 Aug 2014
Pom Wonderful And Consumer Class Actions Under State Law
The newest wave of false advertising consumer class actions asserts that consumer labeling or marketing violates state unfair competition laws by confusing consumers.
United States
19 Jun 2014
mHealth Stakeholders: Updated Bullet List Of Legal Considerations
You are a device maker, an app or software developer, a potential investor, a healthcare provider, a healthcare payor or an insurer and you see opportunities in mobile health (mHealth).
United States
13 Feb 2014
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