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Use: Are You Sure Can You Prove It?
it's without question one of the biggest issues in trade mark law. It's an issue that can come up in a number of scenarios
South Africa
12 Jul 2019
The Madrid Protocol: More Of A Slow-Burning Plodder Than A Taut Thriller
Back in 2013, we wrote an article about the Madrid Protocol, the treaty that regulates the international trade mark registration system.
South Africa
5 Jul 2019
South Africa: Time To Elect IP
South Africa recently held its general national election and the result was a win for the incumbent African National Congress (ANC) party.
European Union
27 Jun 2019
Plain Packaging: An Issue That's Not Quite Extinguished
An article that appeared in the South African Daily Maverick news site, "Plain packaging for cigarettes is a bad idea", suggests
South Africa
27 Jun 2019
Mauritius: Trade Marks Filed "In Defiance Of Commercial Morality"
A recent decision of the Mauritian Industrial Property Tribunal (the "Tribunal") will provide some comfort to international brand owners. The case involved an application
25 Jun 2019
Donald Trump And Bad Faith
Donald Trump comes up in our articles from time to time, as does the issue of bad faith. Both come up in this one.
South Africa
16 May 2019
The Male Torso: Is It Distinctive?
There was a highly unusual trade mark opposition matter in the USA recently.
South Africa
16 May 2019
Amazon: Lessons From The World's Biggest Brand
Some brands simply seem to play a major role in our lives – Apple, Facebook, Google, Netflix.
South Africa
3 May 2019
Parody And Abuse
A long-running legal dispute in the USA involving the brand Louis Vuitton is interesting.
South Africa
3 May 2019
Soul Destroying – Perhaps Not!
There are predictable references in the press reports to the biblical figures David and Goliath.
South Africa
12 Apr 2019
Valentine's Day: Not A Great Deal Of Romance
Valentine's Day has come and gone, but from a trade mark point of view, it's been anything but romantic. As the following stories indicate, the world of trade marks has done little to set hearts
South Africa
21 Mar 2019
Apples And Pears, Beers And Confusion
Are the two trade marks confusingly similar? It's the question that's most commonly asked in trade mark law.
South Africa
14 Mar 2019
The Double Big Mac Attack
The Big Mac case has enjoyed considerable publicity – many publications have reported on it, including World IP Review.
South Africa
13 Mar 2019
Anton Piller: Not A Fishing Expedition
The Anton Piller order is an extraordinary thing. It's essentially an evidence-preserving legal mechanism.
South Africa
13 Feb 2019
Intel From Seychelles
A recent judgment in a trade mark opposition in Seychelles is worth a look, not only because it involves a major international brand ...
South Africa
12 Feb 2019
Fight As A Soldier, Not A Guerrilla
What exactly is unlawful competition? Unlawful competition is often lumped together with IP, and indeed there are obvious links: the common law action of passing off
South Africa
12 Feb 2019
Who's Interested In Primark?
Is it simply those South Africans who can afford to travel to the UK, only to find that, thanks to the weakness of the rand, the only shop they can afford is ... Primark?
South Africa
11 Oct 2018
Brexit, And The Importance Of Being (GI) Earnest
Many South Africans, I suspect, find Brexit both boring and incomprehensible. All that endless talk of customs unions, free trade agreements, hard borders, borders in the Irish Sea..!
South Africa
10 Oct 2018
WTF®: A Trade Mark Perspective On Millennial Gibberish
ICYMI, Proctor & Gamble ("P&G") recently applied to register a whole lot of text/SMS talk abbreviations as trade marks. It caused a real storm and the mainstream press absolutely loved it!
South Africa
9 Oct 2018
An IP Toy Story
IP plays an extremely significant role in the world of toys, as a number of news reports have made very clear.
20 Sep 2018
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