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Trademark Distinctiveness In Russia: Is Hygge Too Good To Be A Trademark?
For most of those interested in Denmark, its culture and traditions, hygge is one of the first words to learn.
Russian Federation
18 Oct 2019
Geographical Indications In Russia – Now Approved By The Russian President
After one year following the introduction of the new legislative initiative, it is now official – geographical indications will become a new type of intellectual property in Russia.
Russian Federation
18 Sep 2019
CJEU Clips Red Bull's Wings
On 29 July 2019, the Court of Justice of the European Union ("CJEU") rejected the appeal filed by Red Bull GmbH ("Red Bull") against the judgment of the European General Court ("EGC")
European Union
20 Aug 2019
Jurisdictional Uncertainty In Internet Disputes In Russia
Russian civil procedure is characterised by the existence of two systems of courts hearing civil matters: arbitrazh courts and courts of common jurisdiction.
Russian Federation
8 Apr 2019
Review Of Law Amendments In IP Sphere For 2018
The applicant will be able to define independently which way of protection to choose.
Russian Federation
3 Apr 2019
On The Road Towards Legalisation Of Parallel Imports
At the end of October 2018, the Federal Antimonopoly Service of the FAS presented a draft law to the Ministry of Economic Development aimed at partially legalising parallel imports of goods in Russia.
Russian Federation
2 Jan 2019
Trademark Selection And Enforcement In Russia
As a member of WIPO and a signatory of the 2006 Singapore Treaty on the Law of Trademarks, Russia recognizes and protects trademarks, both international and domestic, in a manner similar to that of most other WIPO countries.
Russian Federation
16 Oct 2018
Geographical Indications In Russia - A New Term In The Russian Civil Code
Protection of geographical names in Russia has become a subject of recent discussions because of the new legislative initiative proposing inclusion of a new type of IP rights...
Russian Federation
27 Sep 2018
Russland: Die Übertragung einer Marke erfolgt mit verschmelzungsbedingter Auflösung des bisherigen Inhabers
Am 03. Juli 2018 entschied das russische Verfassungsgericht, dass die übernehmende Gesellschaft bei einer Verschmelzung mit dem Markeninhaber mit Eintragung der Geschäftseinstellung des bisherigen Markeninhabers...
Russian Federation
20 Aug 2018
Transfer Of A Trademark Occurs Once The Former Owner Ceases To Exist Due To A Merger (Accession)
Only after registration of such transfer to it, the new owner could renew the trademark certificate.
Russian Federation
26 Jul 2018
Samsung Wins Case Against LG In Russia: "QLED" Mark Is Not Distinctive
In its judgment of 17 May 2018 the Intellectual Property Court in Russia has confirmed the decision of the Russian Trademark Office (Rospatent) against granting protection to the "QLED" trademark...
Russian Federation
17 Jul 2018
Russland: Ein einzigartiges Element ermöglicht den Schutz der Form einer Flasche als dreidimensionale Marke
In seiner Entscheidung vom 7. Juli 2017 hat das Russische IP-Gericht die Rechtsauffassung der G. H. MUMM ("MUMM") bekräftigt und die unterscheidungskräftige Form einer Flasche für die Eintragung als dreidimensionale...
Russian Federation
20 Apr 2018
A Unique Element Helped Protect The Shape Of The Bottle As A Three-Dimensional Trademark
In its judgment of 7 July 2017, the Russian IP Court sided with G.H.MUMM ("MUMM") and accepted a distinctive shape of a bottle for registration as a three-dimensional trademark for goods in class 33.
Russian Federation
13 Apr 2018
Neues Urteil des russischen Verfassungsgerichts: Parallelimporte können nicht mehr routinemäßig vernichtet werden
In den letzten Jahren waren Parallelimporte (d.h. der Import von Markenartikeln ohne Zustimmung des Markeninhabers) in Russland effektiv verboten.
Russian Federation
19 Feb 2018
New Russian Constitutional Court Ruling: Parallel Imports Can No Longer Be Routinely Destroyed
In the last few years, parallel imports (i.e. imports of genuine branded goods without the trademark owner's consent) had been effectively prohibited in Russia.
Russian Federation
19 Feb 2018
Franchise Agreements: Recent Russian Court Decisions
Russian courts tend to support the franchisee's obligation to make royalty payments to the franchisor if the franchisee actually used the trademark that was licensed under the franchise agreement.
Russian Federation
5 Dec 2017
New Pretrial Rules For IP Cases; Jurisdiction In Domain Disputes
Starting on 12 July 2017 a new pretrial requirement entered into force in Russia.
Russian Federation
14 Aug 2017
How To Enter The Russian Online Consumer Marketplace (Without Setting Foot In Russia)
For companies interested in entering the Russian market but reluctant to establish a physical presence there, an online presence can be a viable alternative.
Russian Federation
7 Aug 2017
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