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Operational Assignment In Matrix Structures
If an employee who regularly works at a particular plant of the company and has his place of work there is appointed as the superior of employees of another plant...
17 Oct 2019
Sachgrundlose Befristung: Kein Vorbeschäftigungsverbot bei 22 Jahre zurückliegender Tätigkeit
Wird ein Arbeitnehmer 22 Jahre nach der Beendigung seines Arbeitsverhältnisses erneut bei demselben Arbeitgeber eingestellt...
17 Oct 2019
Deutsche Bank Has Been Raided As Authorities In Germany Look For Evidence Relating To The Huge Danske Bank Money Laundering Operation
Neil Williams of business crime solicitors Rahman Ravelli says it is another indicator of the scale of the problem that was centred on a small bank branch in Estonia.
9 Oct 2019
Germany Launches New, State-Approved Label For Environmentally Certified "Green Button" Textiles (Grüner Knopf)
On 9 September 2019, the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (Bundesministerium für wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung – BMZ)...
23 Sep 2019
German Government Implements Stricter Anti-Money Laundering Rules For Real Estate Sector
Changes to the German anti-money laundering rules require real estate agents to review their risk management systems.
11 Sep 2019
Current Developments In German M&A Transaction Terms (Video)
The main difference may be that the financial sponsor requires a clean exit. That means that they require a certain specific amount of proceeds that need to be upstreamed to the investors.
15 Aug 2019
EU Banking And Finance Regulatory Newsletter - July 2019
July, besides being unseasonably warm across Europe has also been busy so please excuse the somewhat longer round-up.
31 Jul 2019
Germany To Implement EU Anti-Money Laundering Directive With Cryptocurrency Licensing Requirements
On May 20, 2019, the German Federal Ministry of Finance published guidance on its Draft Act implementing the AMLD5.
4 Jul 2019
A Hint Of Brandeis: Proposed Amendments To The German Transparency Register
Since its launch, the concept of the Transparency Register has been subject to criticism and its practical relevance for law enforcement has been limited.
18 Jun 2019
EU Banking And Finance Regulatory Newsletter - May 2019
Europe has voted. 751 MEPs will now be taking their seats. The new Commission is in the process of being formed despite some spats on the Spitzenkandidat process including
14 Jun 2019
All Change – European Parliamentary Elections – What Does It Mean For Financial Services In The Single Market?
By the time you may have read this the European electorate will have voted in 751 MEPs (which includes the UK's 73 seats).
European Union
7 Jun 2019
Inaugural Africa Day In Frankfurt – 14 May 2019
One of the biggest lessons learned and shared by our esteemed panel was the importance of having a strong local partner.
3 Jun 2019
Brexit Insight From The EU-27: Germany
German legislators have adopted a number of Acts of Parliament in relation to Brexit both on the federal level and on the level of the 16 German states.
22 May 2019
New EU Investment Screening Rules: 10 Key Things Dealmakers Need To Know
The EU has recently laid the ground to take a more active role in the screening of foreign direct investment (FDI).
European Union
20 May 2019
Insurers, Brexit, Germany – Key Considerations On How To Conduct Business Going Forward Despite Delays
Even with the recent postponement of Exit Day i.e., the date for Britain's withdrawal from the European Union to—at the latest—October 31, 2019, a No-Deal Brexit1 or a Hard Brexit
European Union
15 May 2019
Germany Seeks To Mandate Human Rights Due Diligence For Companies And Their Global Partners
In February 2019, the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development ("Development Ministry") introduced a draft law (the "Draft Law") that seeks to mandate human rights due diligence for German companies and their global business partners
14 May 2019
Foreign Investment In German Real Estate
Under the regime of German foreign investment rules („AWV") the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (the „Ministry") ...
European Union
26 Apr 2019
The Impact Of Brexit On Taxes For Private Clients And Non-Profit Organisations
On 29 March 2017, the United Kingdom (UK) informed the European Council of its in-tention to leave the European Union and started the exit process by invoking Article 50 of the EU's Lisbon Treaty.
European Union
25 Apr 2019
Deutsche Direktinvestitionen in ASEAN Teil 2: Indonesien und Laos
Deutsche Direktinvestitionen in den zehn Mitgliedsstaaten der Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) sind in den letzten Jahren kontinuierlich gestiegen und haben das Potential in den kommenden Jahren weiter zu wachsen.
16 Apr 2019
Jones Day Talks: Navigating Foreign Direct Investment In Germany
Germany has two different sets of rules for the review of foreign direct investments.
26 Mar 2019
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