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The Thorny Issue Of Cultural Appropriation
In the South African context, we are regularly confronted by examples of what is labelled as "cultural appropriation". What is cultural appropriation and where is the line ...
South Africa
12 Apr 2019
Power Dynamics And IP Laws | Is The Balance Fairly Struck By Current IP Legislation?
Part one of this series by Myriam Christmann was titled The Thorny Issue of Cultural Appropriation and served as an introduction to the topic in general and introduced the idea ...
South Africa
11 Apr 2019
How Intellectual Property Rights Are Human Rights
In Part One of this series of articles we introduced the concept of cultural appropriation and provided an explanation of why it sits uncomfortably with most of us.
South Africa
11 Apr 2019
ANC's Proposed Changes To The Road Accident Fund Will Prejudice 20 Million Children
The Bill provides for a no-fault benefit scheme and a new Administrator, replacing the current RAF.
South Africa
20 Mar 2019
Suspending Your Employee. The Long And The Short Of It
The Constitutional Court in Long v South African Breweries (Pty) Ltd and Others [2018] ZACC 7, recently held that ‘there is no requirement' for an employer to afford an employee an opportunity to make representations.
South Africa
1 Mar 2019
Update: Brexit No-Deal Implications For Africa
The UKIPO has been helpful in providing regular updates on what would happen to the intellectual property rights of those with interests in the UK ...
European Union
28 Feb 2019
Name Change To Kingdom Of eSwatini Made Official Through Publication Of Notice In Gazette
At Independence Day celebrations on 19 April 2018, King Mswati III announced that the country's name, Kingdom of Swaziland, would change to Kingdom of Eswatini.
19 Dec 2018
Phase 1 Of South Africa's IP Policy | What You Need To Know
The South African government recently approved the first phase of the long awaited Intellectual Property (IP) Policy, after incorporating input from the stakeholders' submissions and representations.
South Africa
18 Dec 2018
AFRICA - Socio-Economic Thumbnail
In many African countries, political transitions and economic reform initiatives have supported investor confidence and are predicted to contribute strongly to business and investment activities going into the second half of 2018.
South Africa
12 Dec 2018
Fair's Fair? Applying Affirmative Action
The ideals behind the enforcement of affirmative action in the workplace in South Africa, post-1994, are sound and understandable; however, there have been many challenges to overcome to ensure that the empowerment of the previously disadvantaged does not defeat the Constitutional right to equality.
South Africa
8 Oct 2013
The Bitter Taste Left By Non-Compliance With Procurement Legal Prescripts
Section 217 (1) of the Constitution requires that, when organs of state contract for goods and services, they should do so in accordance with a system which is "fair, equitable, transparent, competitive and cost-effective".
South Africa
8 Oct 2013
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