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Brexit No Deal? Take Notice
With Brexit negotiations at an impasse, talk of no deal remains a hot topic.
12 Nov 2018
Front And Centre: Putting Public Service Leadership In Its Place
Citizens are showing increasing concern about public services and the certainty of future provision. Public sector productivity is now estimated at a lower level than in 2015.
9 Nov 2018
Insights From Our State Of The State 2018-19 Report: How Health Sector Leaders And Citizens View The Outlook For NHS And Social Care Services
Last week, my public sector colleagues, together with the think tank Reform, published their seventh annual report The State of the State 2018-19: Government beyond Brexit.
26 Oct 2018
Is It Time To Control Capital Flows?
Free market capitalism has faced intense criticism in recent years. Even that most basic tenet of the post-‘70s era, the free movement of capital and floating exchange rates ...
23 Oct 2018
Is Your Supply Chain Ready For Brexit?
With so much noise around Brexit and continued uncertainty on the exit terms and the nature of the future relationship with the EU, it can be hard to determine where companies should be focussing their efforts.
European Union
1 Oct 2018
Brexit: Constructive Compromise Or Deeper Divisions?
As Westminster heads off for summer recess after a frenetic few weeks, our feet can finally touch the ground as we consider the Brexit developments since the European Council summit at the end of June.
European Union
3 Aug 2018
Brexit: How Boldly Will We Go?
As we approach what could be one of the defining milestones in the Brexit journey with a special meeting of the Cabinet at Chequers this week at which the Prime Minster ...
17 Jul 2018
Brexit - One Year To Go
This time next year, the UK will officially leave the EU. In the 641 days since the country went to the polls, it has been hard to avoid the B word - as politicians – both here and in the EU ...
European Union
4 Apr 2018
On The Continent, Politics Trumps Economics
In the last few weeks alone, the Prime Minister and four senior Cabinet ministers have delivered speeches aimed at outlining the road to Brexit.
28 Feb 2018
Six Tax Areas To Focus On To Make The Most Of Brexit
Sitting in the House of Commons to talk about the impact of Brexit is not my typical Tuesday afternoon.
13 Feb 2018
Power Up: UK Business
The UK economy has proven its resilience many times throughout history
16 Jan 2018
Investing In Future Skills: The Antidote To UK's Productivity Woes?
UK growth rates have slowed, productivity underperformance is now in its sixth year and forecasts for both are muted.
16 Jan 2018
What A Week
The last week has been particularly eventful in Brexit terms. On Wednesday, the government lost a vote in the Commons on the EU Withdrawal Bill, with MPs backing an amendment ...
European Union
22 Dec 2017
The Budget, In Full | Autumn Budget - November 2017
A small number of technical changes are being introduced to the regime on hybrid and other mismatches (the regime having taken effect from 1 January 2017).
23 Nov 2017
Autumn Budget 2017 | How Will The Budget Announcements Affect The Public Sector? (Video)
Rebecca George OBE, UK Public Sector Leader at Deloitte, gives her views on the announcements made by the Chancellor in the Budget and how these will affect the public sector.
23 Nov 2017
Autumn Budget 2017 | The Economic Landscape (Video)
Margaret Doyle, Head of Financial Services Research at Deloitte, comments on the announcements made by the Chancellor in the Budget from an economic perspective.
23 Nov 2017
Autumn Budget 2017 | What Were The Key Tax Measures Announced In The Budget? (Video)
Bill Dodwell, Head of Tax Policy at Deloitte, reacts to the key tax measures announced by the Chancellor in the Budget.
23 Nov 2017
Autumn Budget 2017: Deloitte Public Sector And Economics Predictions
Ahead of the Autumn Budget on 22 November, Deloitte's public sector and economics teams set out their thoughts on the outlook for public services, the economy, social care, local government and infrastructure.
22 Nov 2017
Ready For Anything?
How prepared are businesses for Brexit? What are their priorities in the negotiations? Those were some of the questions that we posed to our audience during a Brexit webcast we hosted last week.
17 Nov 2017
Global Outlook: Interviews With Dr Frank Luntz - From Brexit And US Politics To The Power Of Communications (Video)
Our Chief Economist, Ian Stewart, interviewed Frank Luntz, one of the most honoured communication professionals in America today and dubbed by Sir David Frost as "The Nostradamus of pollsters".
6 Nov 2017
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