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Post-Brexit Equipment Authorization Processes For Electronic Products – What US Companies Need To Know
While uncertainty remains about the terms and indeed the exact date by which the UK will leave the European Union, US companies that export electronic products to the EU and the UK marked
30 Apr 2019
What To Know In The Lead-Up To Brexit And The Unitary Patent System
With a "no-deal" Brexit still a possibility and the Unitary Patent system set to take effect sometime this year.
United States
30 Apr 2019
BREXIT: The Unclear Option, Or The Nuclear Option?
It would be tempting to table a motion suggesting that the House of Commons should go to rehab – just to find out whether its answer would be "no, no, no".
United States
15 Apr 2019
US Treasury Issues Proposed Regulations On The Beneficial IRC Section 250 Corporate Tax Deduction Related To Export Sales Of Property And Services
US Treasury has now published detailed guidance on a significant US corporate tax rate benefit for any US company that conducts direct sales of property and/or services to foreign persons for foreign
United States
10 Apr 2019
BREXIT: Finding The Least Worst Option?
On March 28, 2019, at least we can be reasonably confident that the UK does not face a "no deal" Brexit at 11.00pm on March 29th.
United States
9 Apr 2019
BREXIT: Can "EXIT DAY" Be Changed In Time?
On March 21st the European Council agreed to extend the UK's Article 50 notice period.
United States
3 Apr 2019
Urgent Message: Privacy Shield Notices Need Updating Before No-Deal Brexit Withdrawal Date
Privacy Shield participants must update their privacy notices by March 29, 2019 (if the UK crashes out of the EU then with no deal) to continue to rely on the Privacy Shield for UK to US transfers
28 Mar 2019
Brexit: Temporary Tariff Rates
On March 13, 2019, the UK government published details of the temporary rates of customs duty it would impose on imports should a "no deal" Brexit occur.
European Union
28 Mar 2019
Brexit: The Long Goodbye?
The Parliamentary week began with a stark choice between the UK government's Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration (WA) and a "no deal" Brexit.
European Union
28 Mar 2019
Brexit – Deal Or No Deal. The Immigration Implications
As the prospect of the United Kingdom leaving the European Union creeps ever closer, one wonders whether the last two years could have been better dealt with by Howie Mandel in the US or Noel Edmonds in the United Kingdom.
United States
19 Mar 2019
The EU's Contingency Plans For Customs & The Export Of Goods In A "No Deal" Brexit
The European Commission has published its Contingency Action Plan for a "No Deal" Brexit.
5 Mar 2019
Lessons Learned In IP Strategy During The US Government Shutdown
On January 25, 2019, after 35 days of uncertainty and hundreds of thousands of federal employees missing their second paycheck ...
United States
5 Feb 2019
What To Do When The Government Shutdown Leaves Your Company Without Access To The National DNC Registry
On December 22, 2018, due to the lapse in government appropriations, a partial federal government shutdown went into effect. With no end in sight, this partial shutdown
United States
17 Jan 2019
Brexit Hub
For US clients, our positioning as a transatlantic law firm offers us a distinct advantage in advising our clients on Brexit (and we have excellent resources in the UK and the US who can do so).
United States
16 Jan 2019
SBA Disappoints Many Growing Small Businesses By Stating That The New Statutory Five-Year Measurement Period For Small Business Eligibility Is Not Effective Yet
Late last year, President Trump signed into law H.R. 6330, the Small Business Runway Extension Act of 2018 (the "Runway Extension Act").
United States
16 Jan 2019
Matt Koehl, Gary Campbell Write Buy American Act, Trade Agreements Act Materials For Federal Government Contractors
Womble Bond Dickinson attorneys Matt Koehl and Gary Campbell have worked with Practical Law to develop a series of helpful materials for federal government contractors to help them comply with the BAA and TAA.
United States
15 Jan 2019
Congress Gives A Holiday Gift To Growing Small Business Contractors: Size Status Will Now Be Calculated According To Average Annual Revenue Over A Longer Five-Year Period
On December 17, 2018, President Trump signed into law H.R. 6330, the Small Business Runway Extension Act of 2018 (the "Runway Act").
United States
2 Jan 2019
The BUILD Act – Will It Impact You?
If you're a US investor interested in emerging markets, you will soon have access to much more capital thanks to the Better Utilization of Investments Leading to Development (BUILD) Act.
United States
4 Dec 2018
White House Releases National Cyber Strategy: Five Benefits For American Businesses
"New threats and a new era of strategic competition" have prompted the White House to roll out a new National Cyber Strategy.
United States
2 Oct 2018
2018 Mid-Term Elections: LUC Has Begun - Lowest Unit Charge Explained
Given the intense interest in the 2018 mid-term elections, Lowest Unit Rate -- also sometimes called Lowest Unit Charge ("LUC") -- is sure to be a red-hot issue for the next 60 days.
United States
1 Oct 2018
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