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ECB-SSM Reminds Banking Union Supervised Institutions (BUSIs) To Prepare For No-Deal Brexit
The European Central Bank (ECB), acting in its role at the head of the Banking Union's Single Supervisory Mechanism (SSM), has used its regular supervisory newsletter1, a very welcome communication channel, to remind...
2 Sep 2019
Environmental Law – 2019 As It Happens (And Beyond)
On 26 June, the Dentons Environment team delivered the second in a series of seminars on "UK Environmental Law – 2019 as it happens (and beyond)".
14 Aug 2019
Stuck In Neutral: Switzerland's Lost Equivalence Status
August 1 marked Switzerland's national holiday to celebrate its independence from what was then the pan-European Holy Roman Empire. While Switzerland has since then carved out a clear set of rules on what, when, how...
9 Aug 2019
EU Banking And Finance Regulatory Newsletter - July 2019
July, besides being unseasonably warm across Europe has also been busy so please excuse the somewhat longer round-up.
31 Jul 2019
EU Developments: What New Measures Might We See On Workers' Rights?
The EU Council has had a busy month, adopting two new directives which will strengthen employees' rights.
European Union
5 Jul 2019
EU Banking And Finance Regulatory Newsletter - May 2019
Europe has voted. 751 MEPs will now be taking their seats. The new Commission is in the process of being formed despite some spats on the Spitzenkandidat process including
14 Jun 2019
All Change – European Parliamentary Elections – What Does It Mean For Financial Services In The Single Market?
By the time you may have read this the European electorate will have voted in 751 MEPs (which includes the UK's 73 seats).
European Union
7 Jun 2019
Scotland's Food And Drink: Preparing For Brexit
Scotland's food and drink sector, like many others, faces continued uncertainty as the Brexit debate rolls on.
28 May 2019
UK Employment Law Round-Up - April 2019
In this issue we look at some key employment law developments that have taken place over the past month.
European Union
27 May 2019
Hear Industry Experts Views On What Lies Ahead For The Industrial And Logistics Sector (Video)
Dentons and Property Week brought together a range of experts to debate the future of the industrial and logistics sector at a roundtable discussion event in April 2019.
20 May 2019
Round-Up Of Litigation And ADR Procedure News For In-House Lawyers (UK Construction Focus)
Our latest briefing focused on UK construction disputes summarises recent changes to court procedure and news on alternative dispute resolution (ADR) processes.
15 May 2019
Insurers, Brexit, Germany – Key Considerations On How To Conduct Business Going Forward Despite Delays
Even with the recent postponement of Exit Day i.e., the date for Britain's withdrawal from the European Union to—at the latest—October 31, 2019, a No-Deal Brexit1 or a Hard Brexit
European Union
15 May 2019
ESMA Q&As Updated To Clarify Prospectus And Transparency Rules In Case Of No-Deal Brexit
As part of the continued preparation for a No-Deal Brexit, the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) on January 31, 2019 and subsequently on April 8, 2019, amended some of its Questions
European Union
1 May 2019
New Regulations Set Out Work And Residence Permit Procedure For UK Nationals Living In Spain Post-Brexit
New regulations have been enacted in Spain setting out what UK citizens working or living in Spain after Brexit will be required to do to maintain their right to live and work there.
26 Apr 2019
Alerts On Employment Issues In Spain
Spain has enacted several regulations with regard to the legal situation and the procedures to follow for UK citizens who will be working or living in Spain after Brexit.
26 Apr 2019
EU ETS Update
On Friday 29 March the government issued the latest update to its "no deal" guidance on the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS).
23 Apr 2019
Financial Services: Latest Brexit-Related Developments In Luxembourg Concerning The Fund Sector
Like many other countries, Luxembourg is preparing for the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union without the conclusion of a withdrawal agreement based on Article 50 (2)
European Union
10 Apr 2019
Brexit – National Emergency Legislation
On February 28, 2019, our Eurozone Hub published a Client Alert highlighting that, with the EU continuing to play its own Brexit "emergency" legislative cards close to its chest, various EU-27 Member States had begun stepping up national efforts.
European Union
9 Apr 2019
Will The Logistics Sector Be Blighted Or Boosted By Brexit?
Over the last few years the real estate market has witnessed a phenomenal growth in the logistics sector. But what impact will Brexit have on the future success of this sector?
3 Apr 2019
Royal Decree-Act 5/2019 Covering Spain's Brexit Contingency Measures In Respect Of The Exit Of The United Kingdom Of Great Britain And Northern Ireland From The European Union Without Agreement. Financial Aspects.
Royal Decree-Act 5/2019 covering Spain's Brexit contingency measures, was published on the Spanish Gazette on Friday March 2 (the "Royal Decree-Act").
14 Mar 2019
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