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Brexit And The Great British Summer Of Sport – Should Sports Fans Be Concerned?
With the Cricket World Cup in full swing, and Wimbledon, The Open and the FIFA Women's World Cup just around the corner, it is set to be a bumper summer of sport
14 Jun 2019
Counting The Cost Of Imported Goods In A No-Deal Brexit
One of the key issues raised consistently in the discussions around a no-deal Brexit is the impact it would have on the customs duties payable on goods that are imported in to the UK.
European Union
26 Mar 2019
Frustration For The European Medicines Agency As High Court Finds It Cannot Escape Its London Lease
Earlier in the year I wrote in the The Times' Brief (subscription required) about a case being brought by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) against its landlord in relation to its extensive premises at Canary Wharf.
6 Mar 2019
When Will EU Law Apply After Brexit?
After 11.00pm on Brexit day (i.e. 29 March 2019 unless parliament and the EU decides otherwise), EU law will stop applying in the UK.
European Union
1 Mar 2019
How Will Brexit Affect My Mother-In-Law?
Since the EU referendum, our Immigration Team has been advising EU nationals and their families impacted by the UK's decision to leave the EU.
European Union
22 Feb 2019
Action You Can Take Now To Protect Your Business And Your Family Against A No-Deal Brexit
One of the few things that is becoming clearer amidst the Brexit fog is that a ‘no-deal' is no longer a fanciful possibility. The UK Government, in its White Paper on Immigration Reform published
European Union
22 Feb 2019
Public Procurement In Scotland Post Brexit
The Scottish Government has published its first two Scottish Procurement Policy Notes (SPPNs) for 2019, both of which relate to public procurement in Scotland ...
22 Feb 2019
The Changing Employment Landscape: Employment Law Hot Topics 2019
Whether you are a start-up looking to hire your first recruit or an established multi-national business, navigating the world of employment law can be tricky.
7 Feb 2019
Public Sector Procurement In A ‘No-Deal' Brexit Scenario
The UK Government has published guidance on the outcomes for the public sector procurement regime in the event of a no-deal Brexit. You can access the guidance note here.
European Union
25 Jan 2019
UK Government Unveils Good Work Plan To Bolster Worker Rights
The government has today released the Good Work Plan, which sets out its vision for the future of the UK workplace.
20 Dec 2018
The Five Top Immigration Issues For Businesses To Consider
The scale of the changes to immigration law caused by Brexit should not be underestimated.
14 Dec 2018
Blurred Vision: A Closer Look At The Issues Surrounding The Hospitality Workforce Post-Brexit
With statistics showing that around 15% of the hospitality workforce is made up of EU nationals, it is unsurprising that the immigration implications of Brexit are a real hot topic for the sector.
European Union
20 Nov 2018
Seasonal Workers In Agriculture - A Temporary Fix?
A thriving agricultural sector is vital to the British economy, and fruit and vegetable production plays an important role in this.
European Union
7 Nov 2018
The Challenge Of Getting International Talent Into The Life Science Sector In Scotland Continues
Scotland is currently home to one of the largest life science clusters in Europe, with more than 700 organisations based here employing some 37,000 people.
1 Oct 2018
Brexit Bulletin: What Does A 'No-Deal' Brexit Mean For CAP Payments?
While the UK Government remain confident a ‘no-deal' Brexit is unlikely, it will continue to issue briefing notes outlining what and who would be affected in a no deal scenario.
European Union
7 Sep 2018
White Paper On Future UK-EU Relationship
On 12 July, following an extended cabinet meeting at Chequers, the UK Government published its white paper setting out its preferred view of what Britain's future relationship with the EU
European Union
29 Aug 2018
Immigration Law, Brexit And Rural Business: Jacqueline Moore Answers Key Questions About Retaining Talent
With Brexit looming, and many of our clients already feeling its effects, the firm is delighted to have hired Jacqueline Moore, an immigration law specialist.
25 Jul 2018
Privatizing Personal Identity – Part Five – The Time To Start Is Now
In the last in a series of articles, economist Eben Wilson (St Andrews) proposes that the time to seek legislation that privatises personal identity is now.
24 Jul 2018
Lobbying In Scotland From March 2018 – New Rules Briefing
The new lobbying rules in Scotland do not just apply to professional lobbyists.
19 Jul 2018
Scotland's Constitutional Future Post-Brexit?
In July 2019, the Scottish Parliament will celebrate the 20th anniversary of assuming its first tranche of devolved powers.
10 Jul 2018
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