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Supreme Court's "Narrow" Wedding Cake Ruling A Cautionary Tale For Government Decision-Makers
The U.S. Supreme Court on June 4, 2018, ruled 7-2 in favor of Jack Phillips, a Colorado baker who told a same-sex couple in 2012 that he would not create a cake ...
United States
8 Jun 2018
Religious Institutions Update: November 2017
Serious data breaches have become routine in the United States, yet a recent survey shows that the majority of religious institutions do not have a full-time IT professional, have no system to detect a potential breach...
United States
4 Dec 2017
Religious Institutions Update: June 2017
The U.S. Supreme Court recently heard oral argument in Trinity Lutheran Church of Columbia, Inc. v. Comer, No. 15-577.
United States
13 Jun 2017
Availability Of Tribal Economic Development Bond Allocations
Based on a recent Internal Revenue Service (IRS) announcement, the Published Value Cap Limit for Tribal Economic Development Bonds (TEDBs) is steadily shrinking.
United States
19 Apr 2017
Religious Institutions Update: October 2016
The final rule implementing Section 1557 of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was issued by the HHS Office for Civil Rights (OCR) on May 18, 2016, and became effective on July 18, 2016.
United States
7 Nov 2016
2016 Democratic Platform Calls For Environmental Justice And Economic Development In Indian Country
On July 1, the national Democratic party released its draft of the 2016 Democratic Platform. It builds upon various initiatives made by the Obama Administration to promote economic development.
United States
18 Jul 2016
D.C. Circuit Bounces Challenge To DOT Rule: Too Late In The Wrong Court
A "direct-review statute" vests in the court of appeals the exclusive jurisdiction to review orders of certain agencies in certain circumstances.
United States
7 Jul 2016
Federal Government Provides Schools New Guidance Regarding Transgender Students
Two divisions of the federal government have weighed in on the recent legal controversies surrounding accommodations for transgender students.
United States
19 May 2016
Navigating The New Open Carry Law In Texas
Holland & Knight Partners Kelly Bagnall, Jonetta Brooks and Mary Goodrich Nix review the open and concealed carry laws in Texas and engage in a best practices discussion.
United States
13 May 2016
Religious Institutions Update: May 2016
Has your nonprofit received a donation for a restricted purpose that has become impractical, impossible to achieve, wasteful or even unlawful?
United States
4 May 2016
Religious Institutions Update: March 2016
The death of U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Antonin Scalia will have an uncertain effect on religious institutions.
United States
3 Mar 2016
Office For Civil Rights Clarifies That Cost Of Attendance "Counts" For Title IX Purposes
Scholarships up to the cost of attendance "count as athletic financial assistance and are subject to the same rules under Title IX as other athletic scholarships," according to the U.S. Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights.
United States
15 Jan 2016
Reaffirming An Everyday Commitment To Anti-Human Trafficking Measures
Today, on Jan. 11, we observe National Human Trafficking Awareness Day. It was so designated in 2007, when the U.S. Senate affirmed the nation's commitment to eliminating human trafficking globally.
United States
12 Jan 2016
Religious Institutions Update: December 2015
Captive insurance companies can be a win-win for organizations with excellent claim records that would rather accrue their insurance premiums than pay them to a third-party insurer.
United States
7 Dec 2015
Office For Civil Rights Issues New Guidance For Title IX Coordinators
The children's rhyme regarding April showers bringing May flowers should be revised to include reference to April also bringing guidance from the U.S. Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights.
United States
6 May 2015
Seven Simple Guidelines For Legislative Prayer
The U.S. Supreme Court on May 5, 2014, ruled in Town of Greece v. Galloway that local governments may start their regular meetings with a prayer in the nature of the invocations given before Congress.
United States
11 Jun 2014
Religious Institutions Update: June 2014
"Church plans" are pension plans exempt from many of the legal requirements of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act.
United States
4 Jun 2014
United States
4 Apr 2014
Religious Institutions Update: August/September 2013
The guidance that federal agencies will now implement replaces the concept of "inherently religious" expression and conduct with "explicitly religious" expression and conduct.
United States
4 Sep 2013
New York’s Highest Court Rejects Employer Defense for Workplace Harassment Claims Under New York City Law
On May 6, 2010, the New York Court of Appeals ruled in "Zakrzewska v. The New School",—N.Y.2d—, 2010 WL 1791091, that an employer defense that exists under federal and state anti-discrimination law is not available for claims brought under the New York City Human Rights Law (City HRL).
United States
3 Jun 2010
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