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A tick the boxes budget
NZ budget has a "tick the boxes" approach which may do the job but without generating much political upside, or downside.
New Zealand
22 May 2018
Budget 2018 - A carthorse, not a show pony
This 2018-19 NZ budget is expected to be 'old school' Labour, with the big money going to health and education.
New Zealand
17 May 2018
NZ government books – on track but tight
The projections are tight, and will require a large amount of fiscal discipline and a benign economic climate to succeed.
New Zealand
18 Dec 2017
What is at stake on 23 September (NZ elections) for workplace law, immigration
Workforce policy has always been a key area of difference between Labour and National and is again during this campaign.
New Zealand
6 Sep 2017
What is at stake on 23 September (NZ elections) for infrastructure policy?
In many cases, the distance between the NZ political parties is not great in terms of immediate infrastructure policy.
New Zealand
31 Aug 2017
Budget 2017 - choices of Finance Minister Steven Joyce
Given the scope of the opportunities on offer, and the temptations of an oncoming election, this is a subdued budget.
New Zealand
26 May 2017
Budget 2015 – steady as she goes
The budget is workmanlike but business may be disappointed in the paucity of initiatives to support the Growth Agenda.
New Zealand
25 May 2015
Southern Man delivers Speights-ad budget for 2014
Bill English delivered a Speights-style "Southern Man" NZ budget - prudent, pragmatic, steady and unexcitable.
New Zealand
20 May 2014
Budget 2013 – functional, not flashy
The fiscal and economic outlook in NZ is steadier and the Treasury has managed a skinny forecast surplus in 2014/15.
New Zealand
18 May 2013
FMA's final disclosure note better again for third look
The final guidance note issued today by the FMA will contribute to the smooth operation of the securities market.
New Zealand
9 Jun 2012
Salmond ignores NZ's robust corporate tax regime
A Chapman Tripp partner responds to Professor Rob Salmond's comments on NZ's tax regime.
New Zealand
11 Feb 2012
Tax, reputational risk and the duties of the director
Tax authorities sometimes try to promote the idea that companies must pay their "fair share" of taxes.
New Zealand
4 Feb 2012
FMA sinks teeth into Whimp
Bernard Whimp has provided the Financial Markets Authority (FMA) with an easy first scalp in Financial Markets Authority v Carrington Securities LP1 and in the exercise of its new powers to deal with predatory low ball offers.
New Zealand
17 May 2011
KiwiSaver changes - more upside than downside?
The Prime Minister today provided a little more detail on the KiwiSaver changes which will be announced in next week’s budget.
New Zealand
12 May 2011
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