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US FATCA And CRS Reporting Deadline Extended
The DITC has extended the reporting deadline for US FATCA and CRS to 31 August 2017.
Cayman Islands
31 Jul 2017
Cayman Confidential
Bernadette Carey explains the Cayman Islands' new legislation on the disclosure of confidential information.
Cayman Islands
10 Jul 2017
Re Grand TG Gold Holdings Limited - A Modern Approach In Aid Of Restructuring?
The Court noted that it had been formulated with the assistance of an experienced adviser and the proposed underwriter had indicated that it was interested in underwriting the proposed open offer.
Hong Kong
10 Jul 2017
The Paralysed Trustee: A Cayman Approach
While it is a relatively rare occurrence, circumstances can arise in the life of a trust that lead a trustee to the view that its hands are effectively tied and which potentially put the proper...
Cayman Islands
1 Jun 2017
Further US FATCA And CRS Notification And Reporting Update
As an update to our US FATCA, CDOT and CRS alert, the Cayman Islands Government has issued a further industry alert, confirming that the Automatic Exchange of Information Portal...
Cayman Islands
31 May 2017
Garkusha Under The Spotlight
In the second of two articles evaluating the BVI courts' recent approach to the recovery of foreign lawyers' fees under adverse costs orders in commercial litigation, Tameka Davis, counsel at Conyers, Dill & Pearman in the British Virgin Islands, ...
British Virgin Islands
31 May 2017
Shareholder Disputes – The Duty To Negotiate With Shareholders
Minority shareholders angry with the conduct of their company have limited rights of redress other than to sell their shares for whatever price they can get.
25 Apr 2017
The Recovery Of Foreign Lawyers' Fees In Commercial Litigation
In the British Virgin Islands (BVI), commercial or other high-value litigation, invariably enjoy cross-border characteristics.
British Virgin Islands
21 Feb 2017
Beneficial Interest Insufficient To Bring Unfair Prejudice Proceedings
Can a party who is only (at best) beneficially interested in shares in a BVI company maintain an action for unfair prejudice?
British Virgin Islands
22 Dec 2016
Improvements To The Cayman Islands Trusts Law
On 24 October 2016, the Trusts (Amendment) Law, 2016 and the Property (Miscellaneous Provisions) (Amendment) Law, 2016 came into force in the Cayman Islands.
Cayman Islands
2 Dec 2016
The New York Convention - BVI As Part Of The Global System For Promoting International Trade
The 1958 New York Convention is the most successful, multilateral instrument in the field of international trade law.
British Virgin Islands
14 Oct 2014
Foreign Arbitration Award Sufficient Basis For A BVI Statutory Demand
The case concerned a monetary award made in an arbitration before the London Court of International Arbitration.
British Virgin Islands
10 Oct 2014
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