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Enforcing Foreign Arbitral Awards In Saudi Arabia: Winds Of Change?
There have been monumental changes to KSA's legal landscape in recent years.
Saudi Arabia
6 Sep 2019
Reconsideration Motions In The Saudi Courts
DLA Piper recently acted on a successful "reconsideration motion" in the Appeal Court in Dammam on the basis of a default judgment which had been issued against our contractor client in favour of a subcontractor.
Saudi Arabia
10 Jul 2019
KSA: The First Ever Class Action Suit Filed Against The Board Of Directors Of Al-Mojil Group
It should be noted that the class action related to the investors before the IPO stage described above.
Saudi Arabia
13 Mar 2019
Rules For The Licensing Of Saudi Arbitration Centers
In an attempt to foster "a fair and attractive arbitration environment, promote the spread of the arbitration culture, based on the highest international benchmarks and standards, and reduce the pressure on the court system", ...
Saudi Arabia
12 Nov 2018
Arbitrating In The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia
Arbitration in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been subject to material reform in recent years which has had a positive effect in the realm of dispute resolution.
Saudi Arabia
6 Nov 2018
Introduction To The Saudi Sport Arbitration Centre (SSAC)
Football is hugely popular across the Middle East. Its popularity has led some to invest in football clubs. When one considers the wide range of agreements between clubs ..
Saudi Arabia
8 Aug 2018
A New Class Action Regime Comes Into Force In The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia
On 15 December 2017, new amended regulations came into force in KSA, and a class action regime is now in force in respect of securities disputes.
Saudi Arabia
2 Jul 2018
Termination And Damages: What Happens When A Contract Contains An Option Of Conditionality?
On 14 February 2018, the Dubai Court of Cassation issued a judgment (Dubai Property Appeal 402 of 2017) in relation to a claim brought by an investor ...
Saudi Arabia
26 Jun 2018
5 Tips On How To Avoid Hotel Management Disputes
The hospitality industry is an economic sector that is in a constant state of flux. To stay competitive both the hotel owner and operator must be willing to respond to changes in the market...
Saudi Arabia
7 Jun 2018
Artificial Intelligence And International Arbitration: Going Beyond E-Mail
The last two decades have witnessed phenomenal advancements in information technology (IT), which have fostered a remarkable level of innovation in products and services offered across numerous industries.
Saudi Arabia
21 May 2018
UAE Issues Federal Arbitration Law no. 6/2018
We are pleased to inform you that His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the President of the United Arab Emirates, has issued Federal Law No. 6 of 2018, which formally promulgates...
Saudi Arabia
16 May 2018
The Development Of The Judicial System In Saudi Arabia Under Vision 2030
A country's desire to develop its business environment, encourage investment and accelerate economic development should also include a review of the rules and performance of the judicial system.
Saudi Arabia
27 Apr 2018
Resolving Disputes In Saudi Arabia (Video)
An effective dispute resolution system is essential for companies to have confidence that if they need to take steps to protect the value of their assets, those steps are accessible and effective.
Saudi Arabia
15 Mar 2018
Saudi Courts Pushing Forward To Go Online
The courts in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have witnessed enormous developments to the administrative procedures in the past six months.
Saudi Arabia
13 Mar 2018
Saudi Arabia Update - February 2018
In general, any non-GCC investment in Saudi Arabia resulting in ownership of a Saudi-registered entity requires approval of the Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority (SAGIA) ...
Saudi Arabia
1 Mar 2018
The New Dubai Penal Order: A Faster Method Of Disposing Of Criminal Proceedings
Dubai Law 1 of 2017 has introduced a new mechanism for disposing of criminal complaints. The law seeks to provide efficiency and lessen the workload across the judicial authorities.
Saudi Arabia
1 Mar 2018
Seven Years In Bahrain: The Bahrain Chamber For Dispute Resolution Updates Its Arbitration Rules
The Bahrain Chamber for Dispute Resolution ("Centre"), a dispute-settlement institution based on a joint venture between the Bahrain Ministry of Justice and the American Arbitration Association...
Saudi Arabia
10 Jan 2018
Transportation Disputes: Can Arbitration Deliver The Goods?
The transport sector has witnessed a great deal of growth across the MENA region. Following such growth, transport disputes are naturally expected to increase.
Saudi Arabia
22 Nov 2017
Circular Of The Saudi Supreme Judiciary Council Concerning The Launching Of The Commercial Courts
Cases currently adjudicated before the General Courts may not be transferred to the Commercial Courts.
Saudi Arabia
26 Sep 2017
New Class Action Regime Proposed For Claims Against Listed Companies
The change in leadership in 2015 and subsequent launch of Vision 2030 has led to significant economic and political reforms in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Saudi Arabia
18 Sep 2017
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