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Res Gestae – The American Criminal Law Concept
The United States (US) has a well-established regulatory structure and close to 250 years of growth and development in this respect.
United Arab Emirates
2 Oct 2019
Newly Formed Dubai International Arbitration Centre Board Of Trustees Holds First Meeting
Dubai, UAE: The newly formed board of trustees of the Dubai International Arbitration Centre (DIAC) held its first meeting earlier today at Dubai Chamber of Commerce Industry's head office
United Arab Emirates
30 Sep 2019
Doing Business In Dubai
Beginning our new series on the legal issues to consider when operating abroad, Alain Farhad, Mark McMahon and Ali Auda look at Dubai
United Arab Emirates
27 Sep 2019
Developments In The UAE Insurance Law And Regulations: Formation Of Insurance Dispute Resolution Committees
Over the past two years, there have been various developments in the laws and regulations for insurance in the United Arab Emirates ("UAE").
United Arab Emirates
3 Sep 2019
What All To Consider Before Signing Sale Purchase Agreement In Dubai
With a persistent variation in the property prices, the buyers are climbing the bandwagon to earn profits on investment.
United Arab Emirates
2 Sep 2019
Criminal Liability For Medical Negligence
The pith of criminal law depends on two elements Actus Reus and Mens Rea derived from the legal maxim "actus non facit reum nisi mens sit rea" which means no act is punishable without a guilty mind
United Arab Emirates
2 Sep 2019
Dispute Resolution Under The New UAE FDI Law
The United Arab Emirates' new law on Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), which came into effect on October 30, 2018, will set a new point of reference by permitting 100 percent foreign ownership
United Arab Emirates
28 Aug 2019
An Initiative By DP World
DP World i.e. the Dubai Ports World recently confirmed that the Government of Djibouti has taken an action for motivating the country's apex court to disregard the previous rulings
United Arab Emirates
27 Aug 2019
Government Of Dubai Suspends Claims Against State-Owned Developer, Meydan
In June 2019, the Government of Dubai ordered the Emirate's courts to suspend claims against Meydan City Corporation, a government owned developer, as well as its subsidiaries and affiliates (collectively "Meydan"), pending...
United Arab Emirates
23 Aug 2019
Arbitration Committee Of The UAE Football Association
Consistently expanding public and private sector investment into the sports market, through prominent sponsorship bargains, interest in brandishing properties
United Arab Emirates
22 Aug 2019
Challenging A Tribunal Member In An Arbitration
Although this requirement was unnecessary, as the said Ministerial Resolution did not apply to commercial arbitration proceedings, it was nevertheless complied with by the party concerned.
United Arab Emirates
21 Aug 2019
An overview of EPC Contracts in the UAE
In the UAE, most EPC Contacts are drafted and executed in English.
United Arab Emirates
20 Aug 2019
Commercial Dispute Resolution Q&A
UAE has seen a considerable increase in the business opportunities and foreign investors in last decade.
United Arab Emirates
7 Aug 2019
Points To Remember When Enforcing Foreign Judgments
Whether the judgments issued by foreign courts will hold a practical stance in Dubai courts is still a moot discussion.
United Arab Emirates
7 Aug 2019
What Are Criminal Liabilities In Medical Negligence?
George Bernard Shaw has righteously quoted we have not lost faith, we have just transferred it in the medical profession.
United Arab Emirates
6 Aug 2019
Criminal Law And Wrong/False Complaint
A simple Google search of the name "Jussie Smollett" will lead to a finding of what the consequences of filing a wrong police complaint can be.
United Arab Emirates
1 Aug 2019
UN Treaty Facilitating The Enforcement Of Cross-Border Mediation Agreements
The new treaty is named the Singapore Convention on Mediation.
United Arab Emirates
1 Aug 2019
Points To Remember When Enforcing Foreign Judgement
UAE legislative framework empowers courts to enforce judgments issued by foreign courts under specific conditions.
United Arab Emirates
26 Jul 2019
Guide On Commercial Dispute Resolution
The commercial disputes in UAE are generally resolved through litigation or arbitration. Wherein arbitration is nowadays the most common and widespread medium for resolving
United Arab Emirates
25 Jul 2019
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