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Enforcing Foreign Judgments In The Isle Of Man: A Quick Process
The Isle of Man's Judgments (Reciprocal Enforcement) (Isle of Man) Act 1968 (the "Act") provides a quick and simple process for the registration of judgments obtained in certain jurisdictions.
Isle of Man
17 Oct 2019
The Tests For Summary Judgment And Strike Out – A Timely Reminder From The Courts That This Is A High Bar To Meet
Whilst the law surrounding summary judgment and strike out is well trodden and extensively documented, two recent cases involving the Simcocks Dispute Resolution team have served as a timely reminder from the Manx courts ...
Isle of Man
1 Oct 2019
Breaking New Ground – A Different Way Of Determining Jurisdiction In The Manx Courts
Mr Mercer had been a competitor at the 2018 TT motorcycle races when he was involved in a collision with a course car, resulting in personal injuries of a relatively severe nature.
Isle of Man
13 Sep 2019
Update On The Isle Of Man Personal Injury Discount Rate (July2019)
The Lord Chancellor has this week announced the long-awaited revision of the Discount Rate in England and Wales.
Isle of Man
19 Aug 2019
"Brexit" – An Excuse For Non-Performance?
The recent case Sanderson Ltd v Simtom Food Products Ltd (February 2019) is of interest, particularly for suppliers of software solutions and support, and their clients.
Isle of Man
18 Mar 2019
Asda Equal Pay Claims: Victory For Shop Workers In The Court Of Appeal
Today the Court of Appeal handed down its judgment on comparability in the case of Asda Stores Ltd v Brierley and others [2019] EWCA Civ 44, which is the UK's largest ever private sector equal pay claim.
Isle of Man
6 Feb 2019
Isle Of Man Company Execution Of Documents - Does The Mercury Case Have Any Relevance In The Isle Of Man?
The Mercury case (R (on the application of Mercury Tax Group and another) v HMRC [2008] EWHC 2721) provided obiter English Law comments in relation to the closing or completion of matters where some of the parties ...
Isle of Man
5 Feb 2019
Update On The Isle Of Man Personal Injury Discount Rate
We have previously reported on the change to the discount rate in England and Wales, announced by the Lord Chancellor on 27 February 2017 ...
Isle of Man
28 Nov 2018
Conscious Cohabiting - DQ's Family Team Understands Relationships
The percentage of married adults is remarkably lower than in previous generations. The manner in which people live and their relationship's progress is significantly different than ever before.
Isle of Man
26 Jul 2018
Curiouser And Curiouser: The Enforcement Of Arbitration Awards
Altogether a good thing. To that end, in the Isle of Man we have the Arbitration Act 1976 (the Act), modelled on the 1950 Act of Parliament of the same name...
Isle of Man
2 May 2018
Civil Court Cases – The Burden Of Disclosure
Anyone who has been involved in a civil case will know that the obligation of disclosure of documents – or "discovery" as it used to be called – is a burdensome process.
Isle of Man
8 Mar 2018
‘Pay As You Go' Philosophy In Civil Litigation Reiterated By Manx Court
In a recent judgment, the High Court has reaffirmed the costs philosophy underlying the conduct of civil litigation in the Isle of Man under the Rules of the High Court of Justice of the Isle of Man, ...
Isle of Man
8 Mar 2018
Litigation Funding – Terms Of Agreement Privileged
In a recent decision, the English High Court has held that the terms of a litigation funding agreement were protected by legal advice privilege, such that they were not capable of being disclosed to the opposing party.
Isle of Man
8 Mar 2018
Daughter Wins USD 200m Breach Of Trust Claims Against Her Own Mother
Crociani v Crociani: A bitter family dispute was finally brought to an end after 5 years following the Royal Court of Jersey's finding in favour of daughter Cristiana who alleged a series of breaches...
Isle of Man
19 Dec 2017
Mutual Wills – Can You Change Your Mind?
Individuals can agree that they will not in the future revoke or amend their Wills without the other party's consent.
Isle of Man
31 Oct 2017
Is Ryan Giggs A Genius? Dividing A Couple's Assets On Divorce
Regardless of whether you are a Man Utd fan or not, Giggs has undoubtedly generated substantial wealth during his football career. It has been widely reported that he and his wife, Stacey, are divorcing.
Isle of Man
25 Oct 2017
Legal Advice Privilege Update – Who Is The "Client"?
Legal Professional Privilege ("LPP") is an umbrella term which comprises Legal Advice Privilege and Litigation Privilege.
Isle of Man
12 Oct 2017
The Test For Professional Negligence Claims: A Departure From Bolam
A 2016 case has marked a departure by the Courts from the usual standard of care imposed upon a financial advisor when advising clients.
Isle of Man
19 Jan 2017
When Is A Person Mentally Capable Of Entering A Contract?
There is currently, and rightly, much focus on mental health problems and illnesses such as Alzheimer's disease and other cognitive disorders.
Isle of Man
18 Jan 2017
Can Hyperlinks Infringe?
The use of hyperlinks to access third party websites is such a common part of internet communication that it is hard to imagine that they might give rise to a claim of infringement of copyright in material on the site being accessed.
Isle of Man
25 Nov 2016
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