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Ontario To Bring Courts Into 21st Century
Ontario's courts will see some updates over the coming years, but the one that catches the attention of everyone however, seems to be the introduction of Wi-Fi into the buildings, by 2019.
11 Dec 2017
Third Party Litigation Funding: Where Is It In Canada?
Third party litigation financing presently plays a role in class actions and personal injury cases in Canada. ATE insurance is increasingly common for plaintiffs to obtain in pursuing a personal injury case.
1 Dec 2017
Proving Damages: Mental Injury Is No Different From Physical Injury
In a decision released this summer, the Supreme Court of Canada has clarified that a psychiatric diagnosis is not required to find damages for mental illness.
22 Nov 2017
Is There A Constitutionally-Protected Freedom To Not Associate?
Unless specific circumstances have been met in a criminal case, or the case in question is a Reference, appeals are heard by the Supreme Court only if leave to appeal is given.
20 Nov 2017
Increase In Self-Represented Litigants Increases Issues
Recent news stories have been buzzing about the implications of Dellen Millard, the person accused of murdering Laura Babcock some years ago, foregoing counsel and choosing to act...
2 Nov 2017
Midrise Condo Battle May Go To Mediation With OMB
High-profile residents of the Annex have brought their fight against a proposed midrise condo development to the Toronto & East York community council.
15 Sep 2017
Parking Ticket Disputes Are About To Change
Frustrated about getting a parking ticket and having to fight it, only to realize your court date is set for a time too far in the future? Well, the parking dispute process is about to change on Monday.
30 Aug 2017
Judge Deems Government Entitled To Sell Off Hydro One Shares
The provincial government is able to continue with the selling of Hydro One shares after a judge struck down a $1.1 million lawsuit aimed at stopping it. The judge stated that it is the right of a government to set policy.
25 Aug 2017
President Trump Under Investigation For Possible Obstruction Of Justice
President Donald Trump is officially being investigated over alleged obstruction of justice. Investigators are looking into ties between Trump's presidential campaign and Russia, and potential financial crimes by Trump associates.
26 Jun 2017
$700K Lawsuit Filed By Mother Of Disabled Student Left Stranded On School Bus
Back in January, a bus driver unintentionally abandoned a young disabled woman, Wendy Mastache, on a school bus after the driver was done her route.
30 May 2017
Will Don Meredith Become The First Senator In Canadian History To Be Expelled?
Embattled Senator Don Meredith, a 52-year old Pentecostal minister from Richmond Hill, was involved in an two-year extra-marital relationship with a minor...
10 May 2017
Municipality v The Provincial/Federal Government: And The Court Of Appeal For Ontario Rules…
The Court of Appeal's decision in Wpd Sumac Ridge Wind Inc. v Corporation of the City of Kawartha Lakes provides yet another warning to municipalities of the dangers of trying to frustrate...
9 May 2017
United Airlines Reaches Settlement With Dragged Passenger David Dao
Thursday following the release of the reports submitted by the officers who dragged David Dao off of a United Airlines flight, United Airlines reached a settlement with Dao.
5 May 2017
United Airlines Update: Reports Blame Passenger For Injuries Sustained
United Airlines has not had much luck in the most recent news cycle, as an incident where a gentleman was removed by force off of an overbooked flight sparked a PR nightmare.
4 May 2017
Internet And A Breakdown Of Privacy: The New Era Of Sexting And The Courts' Response
Technology undoubtedly has great power when a superpower nation's diplomacy can be built on 15-second tweets.
5 Apr 2017
Subway Provides Notice To CBC That They Will Sue Over Chicken Claims
Subway has announced that it will be suing the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) for $210 million after the public broadcaster published a story claiming the sandwich chain's chicken contained only 50% poultry.
31 Mar 2017
Open Courts In The Digital Era: Contextualizing The Toronto Star's Legal Challenge To Alleged Tribunal Secrecy
In recent weeks, the Toronto Star has embarked on a legal challenge against what it describes as "blanket secrecy" within Ontario's administrative tribunal system.
16 Mar 2017
Is Ontario Really The Litigation Capital Of Canada?
It is a commonly held belief that Ontario is the litigation capital of Canada. With more lawyers than any other province, a greater population and far larger economy, this idea is intuitive and easy to believe.
24 Feb 2017
Chinese Farmer Studies The Law To Take On State-Run Chemical Company
"You can do anything you set your mind to." These wise words, spoken by Benjamin Franklin, were certainly true for Wang Enlin, a Chinese farmer with only three years of formal education.
21 Feb 2017
Trump's Golf Club Ordered To Pay $5.7 Million To Former Members
A federal judge from the U.S. District Court has ruled that a golf club owned by Donald Trump must pay $5.7 million to 65 former members who had been denied membership refunds.
16 Feb 2017
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