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Singapore Work Injury Compensation Act Set To Arrive
Singapore is one of the most important and rapidly growing economies in the world. It has witnessed unparalleled growth in the span of just a single generation
10 Sep 2019
A Guide to Dispute Resolution In Singapore
A conflict is virtually inevitable wherever there is human interaction. Some of these conflicts may erupt a dispute in any structure of interaction or relationship
10 Sep 2019
Dispute Resolution Under The New UAE FDI Law
The United Arab Emirates' new law on Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), which came into effect on October 30, 2018, will set a new point of reference by permitting 100 percent foreign ownership
United Arab Emirates
28 Aug 2019
An Initiative By DP World
DP World i.e. the Dubai Ports World recently confirmed that the Government of Djibouti has taken an action for motivating the country's apex court to disregard the previous rulings
United Arab Emirates
27 Aug 2019
Arbitration Committee Of The UAE Football Association
Consistently expanding public and private sector investment into the sports market, through prominent sponsorship bargains, interest in brandishing properties
United Arab Emirates
22 Aug 2019
Dispute Resolution Centers In Kazakhstan
Kazakhstan recently opened its doors to the new Astana International Financial Centre (the AIFC). The AIFC specifically aims towards the financial and professional services growth.
21 Aug 2019
Singapore Convention On Mediation To Enter Into Effect Soon
The UN is one of the most significant international organisations. Their purpose revolves around ensuring and maintaining international peace and cooperation, and through them,
9 Aug 2019
The United States Of America Capital Punishment
The Attorney General, Mr. William Barr, issued a direction to the Federal Bureau of Prisoners (BOP) for adopting the addendum which qualifies for resuming capital punishment
United States
6 Aug 2019
The Supreme Court Of Utah Struck Down The Agency Pre-Approval Law For Medical Malpractice Claims
In a recent report, it was held that the Supreme Court of Utah (the Court)has struck down the law with regards to the pre-approval of medical malpractice
United States
6 Aug 2019
Criminal Law And Wrong/False Complaint
A simple Google search of the name "Jussie Smollett" will lead to a finding of what the consequences of filing a wrong police complaint can be.
United Arab Emirates
1 Aug 2019
UN Treaty Facilitating The Enforcement Of Cross-Border Mediation Agreements
The new treaty is named the Singapore Convention on Mediation.
United Arab Emirates
1 Aug 2019
Arbitration Law Under The United Nations Commission On International Trade Law
Established on 17 December 1966, The United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) was founded in response to the realization that the trans-global community is acutely economically connected.
United Arab Emirates
18 Jul 2019
The Legality Of Termination For Convenience Clauses
Under the global laws for international contracts and agreements, it is highly significant to identify the clauses which put forth the concept of termination for convenience.
United Arab Emirates
18 Jul 2019
The International Arbitration Act In Singapore
The Singapore Business Federation (the SBF) has made proposals for establishing the new arbitration group which will provide the method of appointing the arbitrators by default under the multi-party situations.
15 Jul 2019
UAE's Common Law Courts: A Secure Dispute Resolution Mechanism
The choice and method of dispute resolution are one of the important aspects when it comes to creative industries.
United Arab Emirates
3 Jul 2019
Overview: Arbitration Proceedings In Nigeria
Trade is connected with the potential for strife, and the development of globalization in business implies that the potential for conflict has also developed exponentially.
United Arab Emirates
13 Jun 2019
Legal Update For New Law On Arbitration – Federal Law No. 6 Of 2018
The UAE Federal Law No. 6 of 2018 has introduced certain amendments in the UAE. It ranges from the enforceability of the interim awards as well as arbitral awards.
United Arab Emirates
10 Jun 2019
Jurisdiction Of DIFC Courts
The DIFC courts have been taking a actual yet expansive approach for rendering opinions on its jurisdictions
United Arab Emirates
4 Jun 2019
Overview: New Draft ICSID Rules
As the world's driving establishment committed to universal venture debate settlement, it isn't astonishing that the ICSID is again at the cutting edge of endeavors to modernize rules for settling.
United Arab Emirates
3 Jun 2019
Personal Injury Lawsuit In The UAE
Ubi jus ibi remedium –legal maxim meaning, "where there is a right, there is a remedy", is the basis of the principle of personal injury liability or so famously called tortious liability.
United Arab Emirates
29 May 2019
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