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Enforcement And Challenges To Arbitral Awards Under The New Arbitration Law In The UAE
On 03 May 2018 the UAE enacted Federal Law No. 6 of 2018 ("the New Law"), as published in the Official Gazette No 630 of 15 May 2018. The New Law ...
United Arab Emirates
9 Aug 2018
Introduction To The Saudi Sport Arbitration Centre (SSAC)
Football is hugely popular across the Middle East. Its popularity has led some to invest in football clubs. When one considers the wide range of agreements between clubs ..
Saudi Arabia
8 Aug 2018
Commentary On The UAE's New Arbitration Law
The long-awaited Federal arbitration law of the UAE – Federal Law No. 6 of 2018 on Arbitration ("New Arbitration Law" or the "Law") – was published in the Federal Official Gazette no. 630 of 15 May 2018 ...
United Arab Emirates
8 Aug 2018
The Reciprocal Enforcement Of Judgments, Orders And Arbitral Awards By The ADGM Courts And Abu Dhabi Judicial Department: A Recent And Important Development
On 11 February 2018, the Abu Dhabi Global Market Courts ("ADGM Courts") and the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department ("ADJD") signed a memorandum of understanding ("2018 MoU") ...
United Arab Emirates
26 Jun 2018
5 Tips On How To Avoid Hotel Management Disputes
The hospitality industry is an economic sector that is in a constant state of flux. To stay competitive both the hotel owner and operator must be willing to respond to changes in the market...
Saudi Arabia
7 Jun 2018
New Dispute Resolution Procedure In Dubai
Clients wishing to resolve claims with and/or to recover debts from Dubai based entities, which have clearly defaulted on their payments, can now breathe a sigh of relief.
United Arab Emirates
6 Jun 2018
How To Solve Property Disputes In Dubai?
During the 2008 financial crisis, we experienced major real estate disputes that helped to test Dubai real estate laws and identify its weaknesses.
United Arab Emirates
6 Jun 2018
Artificial Intelligence And International Arbitration: Going Beyond E-Mail
The last two decades have witnessed phenomenal advancements in information technology (IT), which have fostered a remarkable level of innovation in products and services offered across numerous industries.
Saudi Arabia
21 May 2018
UAE Issues Federal Arbitration Law no. 6/2018
We are pleased to inform you that His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the President of the United Arab Emirates, has issued Federal Law No. 6 of 2018, which formally promulgates...
Saudi Arabia
16 May 2018
The New Dubai Penal Order: A Faster Method Of Disposing Of Criminal Proceedings
Dubai Law 1 of 2017 has introduced a new mechanism for disposing of criminal complaints. The law seeks to provide efficiency and lessen the workload across the judicial authorities.
Saudi Arabia
1 Mar 2018
Dispute Resolution In The UAE: Making The Region Highly Attractive To International Investors
With many international investors attracted to business opportunities in the Middle East and North Africa, especially in the politically stable and economically buoyant countries of the Gulf, the effectiveness of dispute resolution services in the region are an important consideration.
United Arab Emirates
21 Feb 2018
Dubai Court Of Cassation Judgment: When Is The Right To Invoke Arbitration Waived?
The CASD was established by law and entrusted with the task of attempting to mediate disputes, prior to such disputes being referred to the UAE court.
United Arab Emirates
16 Jan 2018
Seven Years In Bahrain: The Bahrain Chamber For Dispute Resolution Updates Its Arbitration Rules
The Bahrain Chamber for Dispute Resolution ("Centre"), a dispute-settlement institution based on a joint venture between the Bahrain Ministry of Justice and the American Arbitration Association...
Saudi Arabia
10 Jan 2018
Transportation Disputes: Can Arbitration Deliver The Goods?
The transport sector has witnessed a great deal of growth across the MENA region. Following such growth, transport disputes are naturally expected to increase.
Saudi Arabia
22 Nov 2017
Confident In International Arbitration's Confidentiality?
In the 1990s, one of the leading treatises on international arbitration noted that "[o]ne of the fundamental principles – and one of the major advantages – of international arbitration is that it is confidential."
United Arab Emirates
9 Nov 2017
Dubai Court Of First Instance Judgment: Do The UAE Courts Apply Foreign Law?
There is a common misconception that the UAE Courts will only apply UAE law when determining disputes between parties, notwithstanding an agreement to apply foreign law.
United Arab Emirates
20 Oct 2017
Accelerating The Pace Of International Arbitration: A Comparative Look At The ICC's New Expedited Procedure Provisions
Expedited arbitration is a relatively new process in international arbitration that is often used for disputes of limited value.
Saudi Arabia
25 Jul 2017
Emirates Maritime Arbitration Centre To Be Set Up In Dubai
The Dubai Maritime City Authority (DMCA) is in the final stages of completing the rules for the first maritime arbitration centre in the Middles East: the Emirates Maritime Arbitration Centre (EMAC).
United Arab Emirates
24 Jun 2015
An Analysis: The Practice And Procedures Of The Dubai Rent Disputes Settlement Centre
This article will provide an overview of the structure of the Centre as well as the process and procedures of litigation in cases pertaining to outstanding rent and eviction of tenants.
United Arab Emirates
23 Jun 2015
Murabaha Contracts
A commercial action was filed by an individual resident ("the Claimant") against a PSC company in Dubai ("the Defendant").
United Arab Emirates
6 Apr 2011
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