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Singapore Convention - A Boost To Mediation, And Singapore As A Premier Dispute Resolution Destination
7 August 2019 was a historic moment for Singapore. 46 countries signed the Singapore Convention, more formally known as the United Nations Convention
27 Aug 2019
Why Mediation Should Be Used To Resolve Child Custody Disputes In Hong Kong
When parties decide to separate and divorce, this can be devastating for their children. Parents are all too often embroiled in their own dispute to realise the effect that their actions
Hong Kong
14 Aug 2019
La nuova disciplina delle Azioni di Classe
Il 3 aprile 2019 il Senato ha approvato il testo definitivo del ddl n. 844 in materia di azione di classe.
23 Apr 2019
Looking Back On Arbitration In 2018
Hussein Haeri, partner and co-head of international arbitration at Withers, and associates Camilla Gambarini and Ruzin Dagli look back at 10 key international arbitration developments of 2018
22 Mar 2019
Using Arbitration To Resolve Trust Disputes (Video)
When you hold your wealth in a trust and a dispute arises, the possibility that your personal information may become public either through the court system or third parties can be a daunting prospect.
8 Mar 2019
Arbitration In Hong Kong: The New Rules
The Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre ("HKIAC") has recently introduced several new provisions to the 2013 HKIAC Administered Arbitration Rules which came into force on 1 November 2018.
Hong Kong
23 Nov 2018
Financial Disputes In Divorce: Can A 'Private' FDR Save The Time And Expense Of A Court Battle?
Starting financial proceedings in England and Wales puts in place a court timetable. Parties may resolve their case amicably at any time, but absent agreement, there will be at least 3 court hearings
31 Oct 2018
Cooling-Off Periods Under Bilateral Investment Treaties Provide An Opportunity To Resolve Disputes Amicably
Under a bilateral investment treaty (BIT), when a dispute arises, there is an opportunity for investors and host states to avoid arbitration altogether by making use of the cooling-off period.
United States
29 Oct 2018
International Arbitration And Why It Matters For Italians Doing Business Abroad
The onset of globalisation has allowed many Italian entrepreneurs and companies to expand their businesses outside of Italy.
25 Oct 2018
The 'Private' FDR – The Way Ahead In Modern Family Dispute Resolution
Let's start at the beginning: What is an FDR? It is a court appointment (attendance is compulsory) for parties to seek the advice of a Judge regarding the likely outcome of the case and to try...
12 Oct 2018
How Did We Get Here? All The Background You Need On The Saga Surrounding Kevin Ollie's UConn Contract
The NCAA issued a notice of allegations against former UConn men's basketball coach Friday, accusing him of taking part in unethical conduct, among other violations.
United States
4 Oct 2018
Ryder Cup | Back 9
Whether you are team Europe or team USA, a golf fan, or an occasional viewer, there is no doubt that the Ryder Cup is a key moment in the sporting calendar. It is an opportunity to see fresh talent...
1 Oct 2018
NHL's Tampa Bay Lightning And NHLPA Heading To Arbitration
The Tampa Bay Lightning and the National Hockey League Players Association (NHLPA) will face off in arbitration in connection with the club's waiver ...
United States
25 Sep 2018
NHL Mediation Concussion Lawsuit
On September 11, 2018, NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman revealed to the Associated Press that a judge had ordered the NHL to enter into mediation regarding a concussion lawsuit.
United States
17 Sep 2018
International Arbitration: Market Trends And Legal Issues In Third-Party Funding
An event in London organised by Withers addressed third-party funding of international arbitration in the wake of the recommendations in the ICCA-Queen Mary report.
20 Aug 2018
Arb-Med-Arb: Connecting The Dots Between Arbitration And Mediation
In the recent years, the "Arb-Med-Arb" process has gained traction as a dispute resolution mechanism.
14 Aug 2018
Managing A Brewing Dispute – Lower The Flame And Avoid Stirring The Pot
Disputes are rather unavoidable in business due to difficulties and divergences in communication, expectations and understanding.
3 Aug 2018
US Corporate Law News: UAE Adopts A New Arbitration Regime
The Arbitration Law replaces the UAE's prior regime, which was based on the New York Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards.
United Arab Emirates
23 Jul 2018
'And You Are…?' – Dual Nationals In Investment Treaty Arbitration
The issue of dual nationals in investment treaty arbitration goes beyond self-identification and involves questions of treaty interpretation and, in some cases, principles developed...
19 Jul 2018
Separation And Divorce: Talking To Your Children (Video)
In conversation – family lawyer and accredited mediator Suzanne Kingston and family consultant and accredited mediator Suzy Power discuss the impact of separation on children and what you should say and when.
19 Jul 2018
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