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Litigation 2019 – Bermuda
Bermuda is a self-governing colony; its head of state is the head of state of the United Kingdom. Bermuda has a written constitution which has been in operation since 21 February 1968.
26 Feb 2019
Settling Litigation In The Cayman Islands
The thought of settling in the Cayman Islands almost always evokes images of white sand beaches, calm blue seas and maybe even a cold piña colada.
Cayman Islands
24 Jan 2019
Litigation And Enforcement In The British Virgin Islands: Overview
Litigation remains the primary dispute resolution mechanism in large commercial disputes in the British Virgin Islands.
British Virgin Islands
26 Apr 2018
Open Book Or Locked Vault? Access To Court Documents In The Cayman Islands
Obtaining authorised access to confidential documents in offshore jurisdictions is, in some circles at least, the holy grail of information gathering.
Cayman Islands
21 Feb 2017
Case Alert: Court Of Appeal Reaffirms Dissenting Shareholder Valuation Mechanism Under BVI Law
Last week the Eastern Caribbean Court of Appeal dismissed an appeal brought by Olive Group in a welcome underlining of when a Court can interfere in the appraisal mechanism and its role in determining minority discount.
British Virgin Islands
15 Nov 2016
Wound Up, Or Not? Rhône Holdings In The Cayman Courts
Insolvency petitions form part of the regular diet of commercial proceedings seen by the Cayman Island courts.
Cayman Islands
12 Sep 2016
Navigating Cost Assessments - The BVI Commercial Judge Offers Clarity On Recoverable Costs In The Commercial Division
On 29 April 2016, the Honourable Justice Barry Leon, the Commercial Court Judge in the BVI, handed down a detailed Judgment on the assessment of costs in the Commercial Division.
British Virgin Islands
9 May 2016
Hong Kong Court Of Final Appeal Considers Sufficient Connection To Wind Up A BVI Company On The Just And Equitable Basis
The relevant company, Yung Kee Holdings Limited, was a holding company for shares in another BVI company, Long Yau, which in turn operated two Hong Kong subsidiaries carrying on business exclusively in Hong Kong.
Hong Kong
12 Nov 2015
Third Party Costs Orders: Service Out Judgment Puts BVI Back In Business
In Halliwel Asset Inc and Panikos Symeou and Marigold Trust Company Limited-v-Hornbeam Corporation, Vadim Shulam (Respondent) Claim No BVIHCMAP 2015/0001, a "non-party" Mr Shulman was a resident of Monaco.
British Virgin Islands
5 Nov 2015
Court Of Appeal Orders Security For Costs In Winding Up Proceedings
The current position is that where an individual is the petitioner in Winding Up proceedings there is no power to award security for costs, the Court of Appeal approving the narrower basis for the decision in Freerider.
Cayman Islands
2 Mar 2015
Submission To Jurisdiction And ‘Impracticability’ Of Service
In relation to submission to jurisdiction, the BVI Commercial Court has signaled that in cases of ambiguity, conduct trumps words and substance triumphs over form.
British Virgin Islands
2 Feb 2015
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