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Points To Remember When Enforcing Foreign Judgement
UAE legislative framework empowers courts to enforce judgments issued by foreign courts under specific conditions.
United Arab Emirates
26 Jul 2019
Guide On Commercial Dispute Resolution
The commercial disputes in UAE are generally resolved through litigation or arbitration. Wherein arbitration is nowadays the most common and widespread medium for resolving
United Arab Emirates
25 Jul 2019
What Is The Basis For Filing A Compensation Case In A Case Of Road Traffic Injury?
Question: While I was driving on a motorway in Dubai, a man hit my car from behind and I had to be taken to hospital. The man was arrested at the scene.
United Arab Emirates
24 Jun 2019
What Are The Required Elements In A Compensation Case Or Personal Injury Matter?
Question: I was involved in a traffic accident that resulted in injury. It was referred to the traffic court and the other driver was sentenced. However, I want to file a civil case.
United Arab Emirates
24 Jun 2019
Could I Be Punished For Eating In Public During Ramadan?
Several cases of Non-Muslims consuming food and drink in public during the holy month have been brought to the court.
United Arab Emirates
22 May 2019
UAE Judges Now Have 19 Options For Community Service Sentences
Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid ordered three men to clean the Dubai zoo as community service in March. UAE judges can now choose from 19 options when handing out community service sentences.
United Arab Emirates
16 Nov 2017
Family Court Process
The statement of Claim is drafted by the Claimant or the lawyer. The statement of claim has to be in writing and in the Arabic language.
United Arab Emirates
8 Nov 2016
Proving Your Claim In Family Court: Part 1
In this Article we will explain the kind of correspondences that the court accepts, and the role of the mediators in the processes of the family courts, whose purpose is to communicate between the parties to settle an amicable solution to the family dispute.
United Arab Emirates
3 Mar 2016
Proving Your Claim In Family Court: Part 2
90% of the cases will involve witnesses and they can have the biggest impact on the outcome of the case, hence reading the article will provide valuable information to ensure a strong claim.
United Arab Emirates
3 Mar 2016
Divorce For U.A.E Resident Under U.A.E Family Law And Hindu Marriage Act 1995
In a recent Supreme Court case decision, according to Article 13 of the personal status law, court of cassation applied foreign law in a divorce matter.
United Arab Emirates
11 Feb 2016
Inheritance Rules For Non-Muslims In The UAE
Inheritance rules in the UAE always has an element of judicial discretion.
United Arab Emirates
20 Jul 2015
Application Of Home Country Inheritance Law
The Personal Status Law provides in Art. 1(2) the general rule that" the provisions of this law shall apply to non-UAE nationals" and the exception that "unless the foreigner elects to apply his or her personal status law".
United Arab Emirates
7 Jul 2015
Possession And Using Of Drugs
A recent case at Dubai court of Cassation was overturned based on the procedural error by public prosecutor and police.
United Arab Emirates
11 Feb 2015
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