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When Timing Isn't Everything: Service Of An Expert Report At The Discovery Stage Does Not Automatically Trigger Disclosure Obligations Under Rules 31.06(3) And 53.03(2.1)
Key Takeaway: Service of an expert report by a defendant does not automatically mean the expert will be called to testify at trial.
3 Oct 2019
The Line Separating Acceptable Investigations From Intrusive Investigations
In the recent decision of Williams v. Sekhon 2019 BCSC 1511 the B.C. Supreme Court examined the line between an acceptable investigation of a personal injury...
2 Oct 2019
In What Circumstances Must Joint Defence Agreements Be Produced?
Joint Defence Agreements ("JDAs") memorialize the agreement of defendants to exchange confidential and/or privileged information without waiving privilege over that inform...
30 Sep 2019
Court Of Appeal Hands Down Key Judgment Clarifying The Law On Rectification
In FSHC Group Holdings Limited v Glas Trust Corporation Limited the Court of Appeal provided welcome and much needed clarification of the test the courts should apply
4 Sep 2019
Historic $1.47-Billion Settlement Approved For Survivors Of Federal Indian Day Schools And Federal Day Schools
Gowling WLG is counsel to the plaintiff class with a team led by Robert Winogron, Jeremy Bouchard, Mary Thomson and Brian Crane.
29 Aug 2019
What Are The Pit Falls 'Right To Manage' Companies Need To Be Aware Of?
The recent Upper Tribunal (Lands Chamber) decision is a sharp reminder to landlords and management companies alike of the practical difficulties surrounding the current legislation
28 Aug 2019
Do Approved Inspectors Owe A Duty Under S.1(1) Of The Defective Premises Act 1972 In The Exercise Of Their Building Control Functions?
Continuing in our series on the implications following the Grenfell Tower disaster, we consider the Court of Appeal judgment in The Lessees and Management Company of Herons Court v NHBC Building
16 Aug 2019
Recognizing Tax Implications For Damage Awards
As Celine Dion once sang, taxes are as inevitable as rain.
6 Aug 2019
To Vest Or Not To Vest: Interests In Land And The Powers Of Insolvency Courts
On June 19, 2019, the Ontario Court of Appeal released its decision in Third Eye Capital Corporation v. Ressources Dianor Inc./Dianor Resources Inc
5 Aug 2019
Hanging By A Thread: Rescission In Collins Family Trust v Canada
The British Columbia Supreme Court ("BCSC") decision in Collins Family Trust v Canada (Attorney General)[1] ("Collins") grants at least a temporary reprieve for the equitable
5 Aug 2019
Court Finds Power Of Inspection Is Limited In The Event Of Litigation
How does one reconcile the concept of equality of the parties before the court and the guiding principle of fair debate with a party's statutory advantage of being able to obtain information
1 Aug 2019
The Basics: Does Legal Professional Privilege Apply To All Communications With Or Through A Solicitor?
The principle that a client should be able to consult a lawyer in confidence without fear of having to disclose communications between them at a later date is a fundamental right that has long been recognised...
29 Jul 2019
Actavis v Eli Lilly: The Impact On Patent Infringement Law In The UK Two Years On
It is now two years since the UK Supreme Court's judgment in Actavis v Eli Lilly UKSC 48 re-steered in a markedly different direction the law of patent infringement in the UK, stating that there is a doctrine...
24 Jul 2019
Ensure Your Contracts Reflect Your Intention – Say What You Mean (And What Might Happen If You Don't)
The decision in Network Rail Infrastructure Ltd v ABC Electrification Ltd [2019] is a clear example of the courts' approach to contractual interpretation, focusing primarily on one clause of the contract.
22 Jul 2019
Post-Termination Restrictions: The Supreme Court Reinvigorates The Blue Pencil Test
On 3 July, the Supreme Court handed down its judgment in Tillman v Egon Zehnder Ltd on whether a restrictive covenant that prevents an ex-employee from being "interested in" a competitor for six months.
16 Jul 2019
Saudi Arms Case - Government Told To Ask The Right Questions, And Answer Them
The Court of Appeal's decision in R (on the application of Campaign Against Arms Trade) v Secretary of State for International Trade presents a rare example of a successful challenge
8 Jul 2019
Pensions Tax Mistakes Can Sometimes Be Undone
Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has confirmed it is not appealing against the tribunal's ruling in the case of Hymanson v Revenue and Customs Commissioners [2018] UKFTT 667 (TC)
3 Jul 2019
Rare Successful Challenge To Arbitral Award For "Serious Irregularity"
The recent Commercial Court decision in K & Others v P & Others provides a rare example of a party successfully challenging an arbitral award on grounds of serious irregularity.
2 Jul 2019
Skiers Beware: Limitations Of Liability On Lift Ticket Upheld
a recent decision, the British Columbia Supreme Court dismissed a claim brought against a ski resort by a guest who suffered catastrophic bodily injuries
United States
2 Jul 2019
Interim Injunctions - The Dangers Of Being Trigger-Happy
An injunction can be sought from the Court before or after proceedings have been commenced to either stop a company or person from doing something (a prohibitory injunction)
25 Jun 2019
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