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New Privacy Guidelines Now Effective in South Korea: Online Customized Ads; Smartphone App Access Rights
Two new privacy guidelines are now effective in South Korea. Earlier this year, the Korea Communications Commission (KCC) published "Privacy Guidelines for Online Customized Ads" (Korean language link) and a "Privacy Guide for Smartphone App Access Rights."
South Korea
27 Jul 2017
ICT Sector Government Policy Changes For 2017
Stimulation of broadcast content and advertising markets is expected to come through introduction of new broadcast services including a territorial UHDMMS channel, as well as deregulation...
South Korea
25 Jan 2017
Prior Censorship Of Medical Advertisement Found Unconstitutional In Korea - But Criminal Sanction For False Medical Advertising Found Constitutional
On December 23, 2015, the Korean Constitutional Court, the final arbiter of constitutional disputes in Korea, issued a pair of companion decisions that clarify the bounds of medical advertisement regulation in Korea.
South Korea
23 Jan 2017
Korea Communications Commission Releases Guidelines On "The Right To Be Forgotten"
On April 29, 2016, the Korea Communications Commission issued the Guidelines on the Right to Request Access Restrictions on Personal Internet Postings.
South Korea
19 Jan 2017
Active Enforcement Of Newly-Adopted One-Year Data Retention Limit In Korea
The amended Enforcement Decree imposes certain new obligations on those data controllers who are information or communicationsservice providers.
South Korea
19 Jan 2017
Notable Cases Under The Korean Advertising Act - 2014
In Korea, advertising is primarily regulated by the Fair Labeling and Advertising Act (the "Advertising Act").
South Korea
9 Mar 2015
Telehealth Opportunities Arise As South Korea Opens Door To Telemedicine
All eyes in the field of mHealth and telehealth technologies are focused on South Korea at the moment.
South Korea
9 Apr 2014
Amendment to the Internet Address Resource Act
An amendment to the Internet Address Resource Act ("IARA") providing protection of domain names in Korea was announced on June 9, 2009, and will be effective as of September 10, 2009. The major provisions of the amendment are as follows.
South Korea
20 Nov 2009
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