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Social media trolling: employer responsibilities
Employers should provide guidelines and training to ensure that employees can respond to all consumers, including trolls.
New Zealand
24 Jul 2019
Ownership Of Information In The Digital World - Reforms To Copyright Law In Europe And New Zealand
This article is aimed at online news aggregators, but is likely to have a much wider reach.
New Zealand
10 May 2019
Dealing with misconduct: The NRL no-fault stand down policy
The article considers the enforceability of the NRL policy and other ways sporting clubs can regulate player misconduct.
New Zealand
25 Mar 2019
Media law in New Zealand – insights for 2019
This changing media landscape covers social media, entertainment, advertising, broadcasting, digital and analogue media.
New Zealand
14 Mar 2019
Defamation risk raised for publishers?
The embedding of the public interest defence to defamation claims may have raised the bar for publishers to defend.
New Zealand
14 Mar 2019
Is This An Ad?
With advertisers becoming savvier, it can be increasingly difficult to establish if something is actually an ad.
New Zealand
5 Mar 2019
Public Consultation On The Copyright Act Review Now Underway
The New Zealand Copyright Act 1994 (the Act) is now under review. The review has got underway in earnest with the November release of a 126-page Issues Paper by the Ministry of Business, Innovation...
New Zealand
6 Dec 2018
Would you rather give up your password or pay $5000? A review of the Customs and Excise Act 2018
The Customs and Excise Act 2018 permits a customs officer to require you to provide access to your electronic device.
New Zealand
16 Nov 2018
How Can I Ensure My Brand Is Both Marketable And Legal? (Video)
If you've got a question about intellectual property, we have a series of videos that answer some frequently asked questions.
New Zealand
14 Nov 2018
Risks arising from the use of electronic mail (email)
Employers and employees need to be vigilant in a number of areas, to manage the risks arising from email communication.
New Zealand
9 Nov 2018
WTO determines tobacco plain packaging challenge
Australia's decision to control packaging of tobacco products has survived a challenge to the World Trade Organisation.
New Zealand
16 Jul 2018
New Advertising Code Released In New Zealand
Today, the Advertising Standards Authority in New Zealand released a new Advertising Standards Code.
New Zealand
10 Jul 2018
Is This Fair Dealing Or Not? The FMA Makes A Guidance Note For Peer - To - Peer Lending Services & Crowdfunding Services
The Financial Markets Authority (FMA), New Zealand's regulator for financial services, has released a guidance note to licensed peer-to-peer (P2P) lending services, licensed crowdfunding services ...
New Zealand
2 May 2018
The easy allegation that is hard to prove: appealing selection decisions in sport affected by bias
This article looks at allegations of bias from the New Zealand Sports Tribunal and the Court of Arbitration for Sport.
New Zealand
17 Mar 2018
ASA Issues Guidance On Native Advertising
New Zealand's Advertising Standards Authority ("ASA") has issued a Guidance Note is to help advertisers, agencies, the media, influencers and the community understand what steps should be taken...
New Zealand
6 Mar 2018
Doping investigation a warning to all levels of athletes
The DFSNZ decisions are a reminder for people involved in sports, of dangers associated with buying supplements online.
New Zealand
22 Dec 2017
Eight miles too far? - Publishers of Eminem sue NZ National Party
The National Party's use of the track Eminem Esque, in its 2014 election campaign, was held to be copyright infringement.
New Zealand
30 Oct 2017
Legal dos and donts when hiring a new employee
This article helps with the recruitment process – from advertising the role to offering employment to the top candidate.
New Zealand
20 Oct 2017
The breakdown - behind the scenes of a major sporting event
This article touches briefly on some of the key legal commercial considerations an event organiser needs to consider.
New Zealand
18 Oct 2017
Calling the shots on disciplinary issues in sport
It is perhaps time for sporting codes to make available sufficient resources for a more centralised disciplinary forum.
New Zealand
15 Oct 2017
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