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The Little Master Goes To Court
The Little Master himself, Sachin Tendulkar, is heading to court in Australia against sporting goods manufacturer Spartan.
South Africa
15 Jul 2019
The Advertising Regulatory Board: No One-Trick Pony
We recently reported on a ruling of the new advertising authority in South Africa, the Advertising Regulatory Board ("ARB").
South Africa
25 Jun 2019
Ensafrica Telecoms And Media In Brief
on 26 April 2019, the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa ("ICASA") published the Draft Consumer Advisory Panel Amendment Regulations, 2019. I
South Africa
13 Jun 2019
The Complex Issue Of Privacy When On The Internet
The Oxford Dictionary defines doxing as "Searching for and publishing private or identifying information about a particular individual on the Internet, typically with malicious intent."
South Africa
3 Jun 2019
Winter Is Here- GOT Continues To Enthrall
Fans of the award-winning series, Game of Thrones, were eager to watch the premiere of the long awaited 8th and final season that started on 14 April 2019 ....
South Africa
28 May 2019
Chips – A Hot Topic In South Africa
We have reported on the demise of the ASA in previous articles, but there's now a new advertising sheriff in town, the ARB, a body whose strapline is "Consumer protection through responsible advertising".
South Africa
3 May 2019
Assigning High Demand Spectrum In The ICT Sector – A Possible Hybrid Method
The telecommunications sector is the backbone of the of the digital economy.
South Africa
16 Apr 2019
Tweeting Truthfully In Paid Posts – Advice For Brands And Influencers
For the majority of brand owners, social media advertising is a must-have. Not only is this platform one of the most cost-effective ways of brand promotion, it also, almost instantaneously,
South Africa
5 Apr 2019
David Guetta Accused Of Copyright Infringement
A popular South African musician, Daniel Baron, has accused the international dance music superstar David Guetta of plagiarising the melody from one of his singles.
South Africa
1 Apr 2019
Eavesdropping: The Privacy Myth
The pervasiveness of the Internet of Things has spawned a recent fear that the devices are listening to the conversations of their users.
South Africa
7 Mar 2019
The Importance Of Having A Social Media Manager
It is no surprise that in this digital age, social media is more than a platform to connect with old school friends, share experiences or watch funny videos.
South Africa
6 Mar 2019
What Constitutes Copyright And How Can It Be Protected?
The owner of copyright in a work is by statute given the exclusive right to perform certain specified acts in respect of his or her work or to authorise others to do so and hence to prevent
South Africa
5 Mar 2019
Baby Shark In Dangerous European Waters
In 2015, the creators of the YouTube channel, PinkFong, published the Baby Shark music video on its channel. However, it was in 2018 that the song became a global phenomenon, to the extent that it currently has over 2.1 billion views on YouTube.
European Union
1 Mar 2019
The Collaboration Between Franchising And Social Media
Over the past decade or so, social media has transformed from an entertaining pastime and means for social networking into a modern-day marketing tool
South Africa
1 Mar 2019
Launching A Global Advertising Campaign – Advice For US Ad Execs
The Global Advertising Lawyers Alliance ("GALA") has announced that it will hold its third annual "Advertising Law in the United States & Around the Globe" seminar at The Yale Club of New York City
South Africa
28 Feb 2019
What Constitutes Copyright In South Africa And How Can It Be Protected?
The owner of copyright in a work is by statute given the exclusive right to perform certain specified acts in respect of his or her work or to authorise others to do so and hence to prevent unauthorised persons from performing those acts.
South Africa
28 Feb 2019
High Online Counterfeit Goods Risk, Says Survey
About 30% of consumers are unknowingly buying fake goods when making online purchases, according to the Global Online Shopping Survey.
South Africa
22 Jan 2019
A Step Closer To Plain Packaging Tobacco Products
In June 2017 we commented here, in respect of the WTO's decision to uphold legislation in Australia which severely restricted the advertisement of tobacco products on the ground that the legislation qualified as a legitimate public health measure.
South Africa
18 Dec 2018
Can Your Email Disclaimer Get You Out Of An Unintended Contract?
If an agreement is not intended to be entered into in the course of such negotiations, this should be explicitly stated.
South Africa
13 Dec 2018
Crowd-Sourcing And Intellectual Property Considerations
By exploring the possibilities of ideas crowdsourcing, businesses open themselves up to a wide range of fresh talent and concepts in their efforts to stimulate innovation.
South Africa
13 Dec 2018
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